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maureen Larkin
Hello to all. Most of us are taking a break, so we are unable to provide a report every week. But wednesday walks are on going until 26th Aug. Soon we will have a new Sunday schedule for you starting in Sept when we will be back in action on the Nationalist. Watch this space. Mo
9 August 2009

Well done to both Mary Rose and Maureen on the write up of the walks every week, it makes me want to get out onto those hills every chance I get.
6 July 2009

Helen Morrissey | email
Hi to all in the Galtee Club, the new web site is great,
On behalf of all at Ahelow Fáilte I wanted to say a huge thanks to all members of the Galtee Club for their contribution to the success of the 2009 Walking Festival.
Good luck with the Galtee Challenge
12 June 2009

Mary Rose Kinane | email
Many thanks to Sean and David for all your work on the new-look website. I think it looks and reads very well. I'm sure those who visit the site will be well pleased with it.
7 June 2009

maureen larkin | email
well done david and sean for getting the new website up and running. Hopefully members will use this message board to give you some feedback.
30 May 2009

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