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siobhan nugent
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24 March 2017

Pat Riggs | email
Thanks Tos for a great climb. Very enjoyable in spite of clouds.
8 January 2017

Pat Riggs | email
Thanks Gerard. Yes, the Gate' explanation is one possibility. I had come up with 'Droim Géise' - ' the ridge of the swan' because 'géis ' occurs in other placenames and could mean there were swans there at some stage - unlikely in this case,,I would think. It could also mean that the feature lòked like the shape of a swan. All explanations equally plausible and implausible.
29 November 2016

Gerard Sheehy

Re 'Geisha Steps' - I think it's actually 'Gate of Steps' (or something to that effect) and was a local name given to that spot as there may have been a gate there one time.
25 November 2016

Pat Riggs | email
Thanks to Toss for a challenging but very satisfying walk (climb?) Yesterday. It was superb.
Can anybody explain the origin of the name 'Geisha Steps'?
14 November 2016

Pat Riggs | email
Thanks to Danny for organizing a fabulous walk yesterday. Thoroughly enjoyed the trek (he keeps a brisk pace!) and the superb company.
7 November 2016

Edmond McGrath
Wel over Amelia beautiful enjoyable walk
9 October 2016

Mary Hayes
Prescription sunglasses found on the Ice Road in to Lough Curra on Friday, August 19th. Metal frame, brown tinted lenses. 0872981775
20 August 2016

Conor Keane
A big Thank You to all at Galtee Walking Club for organising the Galtee crossing this year. Thoroughly enjoyed it and met some great people. Looking forward to next year already.
Keep up your fantastic work.
29 June 2016

Aine Murphy
I had such a fantastic day on Sunday and so amazed at the kindest people showed as we made our way of the Galtee Mountains.

It was my second open mountain hike (the first was Cush on the previous Wednesday ) my longest and most challenging hike to date. 2 days on and I am still buzzing.
I admit, I thought I wouldn't be able for it but with the right words of encouragement from fellow hikers , sweepers and of course the lovely ladies at the beginning, made me that little bit more confident about what I was facing.

Aine Murphy ( a work buddy of the Oola man Gerry Ryan )
29 June 2016

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