Correspondence received from sources outside the Club

This page contains messages from other walking clubs or event organisers which have been received by the Galtee Walking Club.

Burren Peaks Walking Festival, Sept 22nd & 23rd

Dear Club Secretary
The Ballyvaughan Fanore Walking Club is currently getting ready to host their annual Burren Peaks Walking Festival taking place Sept 22nd & 23rd.
We would really appreciate if you would circulate this email to your membership and let them know this event is taking place.
We would love to welcome your members to walk in the Burren.
If you would like us to circulate any news/events form your club with our members please email us back and we will circulate to all our members.
For those who may like to book a walk they can do so by clicking on this link
All details are available on or phone 087 7779714
Kind Regards,
Mary O'Brien
Event Organisor.

"Access threat to national treasure (Luggala)- The State should step in"

Dear fellow hillwalker(s)
My name is Alec Dunne, a keen hillwalker from Wicklow. I know we are a fair distance from Tipperary, but the case referred to - Luggala, is a national treasure and I believe of national importance, and has been mentioned in The Irish Times.There are growing concerns over a potential threat to future access to a large area of the Wicklow Mountains- Luggala Estate,('The Guinness Estate') which has a number of very popular walks -Cloghogue Valley down to Lough Dan, Luggala or Fancy Mountain and Knocknahogue. The previous owner of this national treasure, the late Garech Browne, allowed permissive access over most of this 5000 acre estate. New ‘private property, trespassers will be prosecuted’ signs have recently been erected at parts of Luggala. This development, and the death in March 2018 of Garech Browne, signal a possible change to the long tradition of public access maintained by Garech, and previously by his mother. The estate is now for sale and includes the popular walks mentioned above as well as some viewing points over the lake and mountains. There are growing concerns that a new private buyer could close off public access to the estate. If this happens, there is nothing the State or anybody else could do about it.  A number of very beautiful walks would be lost. The asking price for the estate as a whole is €28 million but the government could purchase just the extensive lands, excluding the house and surrounds, for a much lesser sum.
Please see the petition, link below, urging the government to purchase part of the lands for inclusion in the Wicklow Mountains National Park. This would guarantee public access for current and future generations. A petition in 2016 prompted the government to purchase a similar acreage of land at the Featherbeds in the Dublin Mountains. Those lands are now part of the Wicklow Mountains National Park and are freely accessible to the general public.
My petition advocates that the government acquires, on behalf of the people of Ireland, just part of Luggala estate, the lands that have been traditionally open to the public, not the house and its immediate surroundings.
Here's what you can do to help-
Sign the petition
Distribute the link to all club members, family & friends via email
Post the petition (by coping the link) on social media and share
If your club has a website or facebook page the petition could be posted there.
Contact local and national politicians outlining your concerns and that you would like the issue to be brought up in your local council and in the Dail when it resumes.
Petition Link

Many Thanks,
Alec Dunne.

Skibbereen Walking Festival Weekend, 28th, 29th and 30th September, 2018

All roads lead to and from Skibbereen this September when the second Skibbereen Walking Festival Weekend takes place on the 28th, 29th and 30th September with guided walks through quiet country roads (with some off-road sections) for walkers of all abilities.
The meeting point for all walks is Skibbereen Heritage Centre with bus transport provided to and from out of town walks (except WALK 4 at Lough Hyne).
For full details of all WALKS please  Download the 2018 brochure here
Please note that pre-registering is essential and that unfortunatley, no dogs are allowed on the walks.

Lyme Disease Warning

To: Mountain bike / walking clubs in the South East
Re: Protecting against Lyme disease when taking part in outdoor pursuits

Dear Sir / Madam,
I am writing to you on behalf of the South East Regional Zoonoses Committee.  We are a multidisciplinary group of Human and Animal Health Professionals from the South East whose remit includes informing the public about diseases that can be passed between animals and humans.
Members of your club are involved in outdoor pursuits and may be at risk of contracting Lyme disease because of these activities.
Lyme disease, which is spread by tick bites, can in a minority of cases, cause severe debilitating heart and nervous system disease.  The HSE Health Protection Surveillance Centre issued a warning to people who engage in outdoor pursuits in the summer months; ramblers, campers, mountain bikers and others who work or walk in forested or grassy areas to be vigilant against tick bites.  Ticks are tiny insect like creatures that feed on the blood of mammals and birds and will also feed on humans.  Ticks are more active and numerous in the summer months and protecting against tick bites protects against Lyme disease.
Tick bites can be prevented by:
    • Wearing long trousers, long sleeved shirt and shoes.
    • Using insect repellent.
    • Checking skin, hair and warm skin folds (especially the neck and scalp of children) for ticks after a day out.
    • Removing any ticks and consulting with a GP if symptoms develop.
    • Using tick collars for pets (they can get Lyme disease) and inspecting them for (and removing) any ticks.
Only a minority of ticks carry infection.  If a tick is removed within a few hours, the risk of infection is low.  The entire tick, including any mouthparts which might break off, should be removed with a tweezers by gripping it close to the skin. 
The skin where the tick was found should be then washed with soap and water and the area checked over the next few weeks for swelling or redness.  Anyone who develops symptoms should contact their GP and explain that they had been bitten by a tick. 
Further important information on protecting against Lyme disease, an information leaflet and a poster are available at
We would urge you to encourage your members to read this information and we suggest that a copy of the HPSC leaflet and poster be displayed alongside other club information.
Yours sincerely,
p.p  P. Brennan
Consultant in Public Health Medicine,
Secretary to the South East Zoonoses Committee,
Public Health Department.
MRCN 19055

Hillwalking Day - Ireland, 01/01/2019

Dear Secretary,
An idea that you, as a hillwalking club, may be interested in.
If you are, please let me know and I will include you on the List of Participating Clubs.
Full details below.
Gerard Sheehy.

Fellow Hillwalker, 
The purpose of this letter is to introduce the idea of a designated Hillwalking Day.
I’m looking for progressive Hillwalking Clubs that will embrace the idea, participate on the day and drive it forward.
The initiative is not aligned with any organisation, group, or club within our community. It’s a solo run. I won’t be organising events or walks on the designated day. There won’t be a mass gathering in the centre of the Country to have a celebratory walk and a knees up after it.
If a Club, wants to organise a walk on the specified day then we can promote it via Social Media ( @HillwalkingDay on Twitter and @HillwalkingDayIreland on FaceBook) and a designated Hillwalking Day website but it will be up to those organising a walk to make a success of it.
If you’re a Club (or Individual member)  that goes out on the hill on a regular basis, you might consider the following:
- Do something that you wouldn’t normally do eg. a night or sunrise walk
- Go somewhere that you don’t normally go to eg. a stand alone mountain that otherwise doesn’t interest you
- Set yourself a target for the year and start on that day
- Bring a friend with you that keeps saying ‘I must go out with you sometime…’
- Show someone how to correctly use a map and compass (or ViewRanger)
- Walk with a FB 'Friend' (or two) that you've never met
Get your thinking cap on. The more novel you can make it, the better.
You have a wealth of knowledge; from footwear to clothing to equipment: from navigation to safety: from fitness to nutrition, etc. so share it with those around you that are already hillwalking and those that aspire to be hillwalkers under your tutelage.
What else would you be doing on the 1st of January…...?
Yours faithfully,
Gerard Sheehy

Mountain Meitheal South East Work Schedule 2018

Dear All,
The dates for next year's Mountain Meitheal South East Work Schedule are decided.  We will be operating monthly from February through November, starting on Sunday February 18.  Work will continue on the main project at Galty Castle/ King's Yard on the Southside of the Galtees.  Meeting time is 1015 am sharp at the Kilbehenny Community Centre, Kilbehenny. 
We would kindly ask you to circulate this notice to your members and those on your mailing lists.
We are hoping for another record turnout next year as there is much work to be done - "many hands make light work". So let's get started on a roll - get out, get dirty and give something back.
Sunday 18th February, 2018 meet at Kilbehenny Community Centre @ 1015am (Exit 12 off the M8)
Come prepared for a day in the hills, be prepared for all weathers, for safety and comfort wear appropriate footwear. A packed lunch is advisable, including a hot drink. A change of clothes is recommended for the homeward journey. Bring gardening gloves if you have them; otherwise they will be supplied.  For this track we would also recommend you bring a pair of wellingtons as it is rather muddy!
New members, over the age of 18, are always welcome so why not come out with us on any of our Work Days in 2018 to see how we work and what we do.  Hands on training is provided by trained leaders and our work is not all heavy duty, light touch is our motto.  Routine maintenance is regularly carried out, such as fern cutting, branch cutting and clearing tracks and pathways.  One day a month for whatever time you can give will be much appreciated.
Rgds/Catherine (Quinlan)
Secretary MMSE
Mobile: 085 130 4540


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