News and Walk Reports from 2008

January 12, 2008

Happy New Year to all our members many of whom have already first footed the Galtees! Club members were out in force in all weather conditions over the Christmas and New Year. Thanks to Ray Coleman for working up Christmas Day appetites with a sprint across Slievenamuck and to our chairman, Danny who helped us digest it all on Stephens Day with a vigorous, there and back hike from Bansha Woods. Then to round off the year, Pat Ryan and Tom Lyons took the combined A and B groups up onto Galtee Mor where conditions were rather cool and misty. Even so, some of the hardier members were not deterred and went on to complete the Galtee Loop in under five hours.
The monthly Beginners walk also went ahead on 30th Dec with Willie Kavanagh taking the lead. A lively round of Ballydavid woods took in the peaceful hollow of St Pecauns Church and well where the group paused to reflect and taste the waters in the hope for some, that it might ward off or cure the’flu!
Last Sunday, the A group were in the Comeraghs where Owen Ryan led a five and a half hour hike of the Nire Valley Loop. Wet and windy conditions made for very poor visibility necessitating advanced navigational skills and instruments for which Tom and Pat must be commended. The chilling sight of iced over mountains added to the challenge but all got back safely and in good spirits.
Also out were Sheila Lennihan and 17 B walkers who started out from Anglesborough and proceeded up through Combawn woods to the summit of Temple Hill. Windy conditions on top and poor visibility sent the group scurrying for shelter under the brow of the hill for their well earned lunch break. Their return journey, took them back down by the pinnacle to complete the loop in four hours.
Forthcoming Walks: Sun 13th . The A group will meet at Grubbs Monument, The Vee at 10am for a 5-6 hour hike in the Knockmealdowns with Pat Ryan. The B group will meet in Rossadrehid village where Catherine Russell will lead a climb of Knocknastukeen. The C group will also be out this Sunday and will meet at Tankerstown School (near Bansha) at 11am for a 3 hour climb to Ballydavid mast. Details Mo 086 3593024.
Finally committee members should note that there will be a meeting on Thursday 7th Feb at 8pm in the Excel in Tipperary Town. It is also time to start thinking about the early Easter and the away weekend in the Mournes. To ensure a place, call Breda 062 33374

January 14, 2008

Challenging though weather conditions my be, it has not deterred the zealous hill walkers of the Galtees and all three catagories of walks saw sizeable turn outs last Sunday. Starting from Rossadrehid, the B group were out in the Galtees with Catherine Russell on a four hour ridge walk of Knocknastukeen and a round of Lake Muskry and the celtic jewels! Conditions were not the greatest to say the least, wet and soggy underfoot but overall, a worthwhile hike and a good airing was had by all.
Pat Ryan and the fearsome A walkers were in the Knockmealdowns where cold, wet and sleet was the order of the day. Their route took them up from Grubbs Monument around the Sugar Loaf and along (the invisible) Lough Moylan. Then up a very watery gully, after which they stopped for some nourishment before their hasty return journey back over the Sugarloaf and down to the monument in time to reap their rewards in the company of the Munstermen.
Also on the 13th day, 13 C walkers turned out to do a loop walk with Mo to the Mast in Ballydavid. Luckily for them, the foreboding skies held for the three hour trek along forest path, twixt gushing down streams and rain washed sandstone slipways. Visible from on high were the flooded plains around Knockgraffon and Ballydavid where the confluence of the Fidaghta, Suir and Aherlow rivers overwhelmed their banks. The club would like to say welcome to the three new walkers who joined them on the day and who put some of the old guard to shame with their energy and enthusiasm!
Forthcoming Walks: Sun 20th Jan, Willie Ryan will meet the A group in Kilfinane Village at 10am for a 5 hour trek in the Ballyhouras. The B group will assemble at Christ the King at 10am for a 3-4 hour hike on forest track led by Rita Mooney. The monthly Beginners walk will take place on the last Sunday of the month(27th)and will be in the Doon Hills. Info Jill 087 7930557.

January 21, 2008

Dire weather predictions saw walkers assemble on Sunday in full rain apparel only to be pleasantly surprised by mild and relatively benign conditions. The A group were in the Ballyhouras with Willie and ten enthusiasts, including one new member. Starting from Kilfinane they proceeded south to Ballyorgan village, then followed the boundary wall of the Castle Oliver estate and crossed over the Glenanaar road to do a partial loop of the Black Rock. Their return journey took them via Seefin and Glenosheen village, completing the route in five hours. Altogether a most enjoyable outing was reported as well as some great views of Ballyhoura country.
The B group of over twenty strong, assembled at 10am at Christ the King where Rita and Danny presented them with a choice of walks to suit varying ground conditions. The group decided to go for dry forest track and took off for the Clydagh Bridge and a short walk up to the upper Cush car park. From there, they headed east along forest track , looping around the foothills of Cush and Knockastackeen, pausing here and there to enjoy remarkably clear views of the glen below and to listen to the gushing waters of the many busy rivulets along the way. A quite awesome sight too was the submerged river ford, rendered impassable by the huge volume of water which cascaded down the rocks. For an impromptu route, this four hour trek proved most appropriate for the weather conditions, providing a seasonal but safe experience of the winter landscape. Thanks to Rita and Danny.
Forthcoming walks are as follows:
Sunday 27th Jan. The A group will meet at the Clydagh Bridge at 9.30 where Tom Lyons plans a 6 hour hike in the Galtees.
The B group will also meet at Clydagh Bridge but at 10am for a 4 hour trek to Lake Diheen with Rody.
The Beginners monthly walk will also take place on Sunday and will meet Jill in Doon Village at 11am. Info 087 7930557

January 28, 2008

Well, Janus, the God of January, surely showed his more benign face on Sunday, bringing forth some glorious sunshine to delight us all and erase the Winter pallor from our cheeks. Rody and eighteen B walkers took advantage of it and led his group up from the Clydagh Bridge via Cush mountain to the ‘teardrop’ lake of Borheen. There they paused to remove their fleeces and gaze into the clear, calm waters of the lake with its shimmering reflections of mountain sheep. Having lunched and sunbathed ( and even considered a spot of skinny dipping!), they took off , circling back around Cush to pick up their track homewards to Clydagh. A perfect day out and a great introduction to hill walking for the three new members who joined the group.
Tom Lyons took ten A walkers on a six hour multi peak trek, which started from Anglesborough and proceeded upwards through Coombawn Woods and onto Temple Hill. From there, their trek took them onto Lyracappul and thence to Galteemor where the troops sat down to enjoy the unique experience of lunch on the summit! Exceptionally clear conditions afforded magnificent views of the Knockmeals, the Comeraghs and the gap. Then it was on to Galtee Beag and Cush, finally making their way back down to Clydagh where cars had been arranged for the homeward journey. No doubt, a challenging trek but rest assured, they’ll all be back for more next week! It’s what its all about.
At a more leisurely pace, twenty (new and nearly new) Beginner Walkers were out enjoying the sunshine in the Doon Hills with Jill. This is proving to be a popular venue for beginners and there are indeed some breathtaking and variable views of the surrounding countryside to be had on this circular road walk. As is usual on these informal walks, people tend to bring friends along, and in this case, visitors from Dublin and Germany expressed their appreciation of the club and the opportunity to get out for a ramble in the countryside. The January blues were certainly blown away!
Forthcoming Walks, Sunday 3rd Feb
The A group will meet at 10am in Gelengarra Woods car park (N8) where Mary Ryan Ahern will lead a 5 hour southern ascent of the Galtees.
The B group will meet with Ann O’ Donnell in Kilbeheny village at 10.30 for a 4 hour hike to Galtee Castle.
Committee members should note that there will be a meeting in the Excel on Feb 7th at 8pm.

February 18, 2008

Sunday, 17th Feb, started frosty and cold but soon gave way to warm sunshine making for exceptionally good walking conditions. The C group were out with Una Phelan on a magnificent woodland walk in the Toureen/ Ballydrehid area. A bakers dozen, which included three new members, took off from Tankerstown School, proceeding upwards via road to dry forest track in the Toureen woods. Thanks to Una and her encyclopaedic knowledge of the area, the group were able to engage with a variety of ‘off the beaten track’ deer paths, streams, giant furz groves and a truly breathtaking waterfall, before descending into the hallowed grounds of St Pecauns Church and Well where they paused to take in the play of the slanting sun on the ancient ogham stones and to admire the wonderful daffodil display along the river bank.
The B group were also out on Sunday. 14 walkers met with Kay Aherne in Cappawhite. Starting from the village, they proceeded along the road and up into Red Hill forest where they had a thoroughly enjoyable, sunny four hour loop walk on forest track.
Kevin O’Sullivan and 12 A walkers were in the Galtees. Meeting at Rossadrehid, they made their way up the waterworks road and then left onto Fearbreaga. From there they looped around and onto Grennane and O’Loughlins Castle. Given the excellent walking conditions, some enthusiasts decided at this point, to extend the walk to take in Galty Beag and Cush whilst Kevin and the rest of the group made their planned return route via Knockastakeen and back down to the car park.
Forthcoming Walks: Sunday 24/02. The A group will meet at Clydagh Bridge at 10am where Catherine Russell will lead a 5 hour trek of the Galtee Loop. The B group will also be there at 10am for a 4 hour circular mountain lakes walk with Rita Mooney. The monthly Beginners walk will also take place on that day and will meet with Alice Morrisey in Galbally Square at 11am for a round of Darbys’ Bed. Info 061 380623
Planning Ahead:
Easter weekend away trip to the Mourne Mountains Contact Breda: 062 33374
Aherlow Walking Festival: June Bank Holiday. Walks will be led by the Galtee Walking Club. See Failte Ireland website
The Galtee Wednesday Evening Walks start in April. Details will soon be available.
Annual Galtee Challenge ( 10 hour Galtee Ridge Crossing), will take place end of June.

February 23, 2008

Generally favourable weather conditions prevailed for Sundays walk. This, coupled with Saturdays sporting results, put an extra spring in the step of the Galtee walkers, 31 of whom assembled at the Clydagh Bridge for the A and B walks. From here, club stalwart, Catherine Russell, led 18 enthusiasts on a five hour trek of the Galtee Horseshoe. Their route took them up firstly to Lake Curra and then onto Galtee Mor where they enjoyed a welcome lunch break. Taking in the stunning views from on high, they also managed to spot and wave to their fellow B walkers as they made their way to Lake Curra below. Then it was on to Galty Beag and the great Cush mountain from whence they made their way back down to the car park. Apart from a few flurries on high, conditions were dry and clear.
Rita Mooney took command of the remaining 13 B walkers and with help from Una as sweeper, proceeded up the path to Lake Curra. Spirits were high as they winded their way upwards, carried along by intermittent waves of convivial banter, only to be greeted by a friendly shower of hail as the approached the lake! Well it is only February! Glancing upwards, they could make out the stick like figures of the A walkers as they made their way along by the Galtee Wall. Then after some lunch, it was homeward bound, sprightly making their way back down the trail to the Clydagh car park.
The Beginners were also out on their monthly walk, meeting with Alice Morrisey in Galbally village for an exploration of Darby’s bed ( a passage tomb thought to be the burial place of one of the early kings of Munster). 10 walkers, (including one new walker) took off from the village, along the road for 2 Kms, where they started their climb northwards to the forest road and on upwards to Darby’s Bed where, as luck would have it, those ancient tombstones provided a welcome, if somewhat eerie shelter from a passing shower! Then, retracing their footsteps to the forest road, they continued the walk by circumnavigating the hill, returning back down via the track and onto the road back to Galbally.
Next Weeks Walks:-
Sun 2nd March, The A group will meet in Kilbehenny village at 10am when Joe Brown will lead a 5 hour walk on open mountain. PJ O’Sullivan will meet the B walkers at Kilfinnane Garda Station at 10.30 and has planned a 3 hour forest track walk.

March 3, 2008

Both the lion and the lamb were abroad to greet the first of the March walks on Sunday last. A dry start gave way to intermittent showers of the big raindrop variety, as 17 B walkers made their way out from Kilfinnane village along the road and onto the Ballyhoura Way via the forest track.
PJ O’Sullivan was in energetic mood as he led the group up the track, skirting Benyvoughela Hill where the group took advantage of Coillte’s tree stumps to rest and enjoy their lunch break. Wonderful pastoral views of the Ballyhoura countryside and hills were laid out on all sides, with Castle Oliver folly perched on a hillside in the distance. From here they headed in the Ballyorgan direction, looping their way around via forest track and road to return to Kilfinnane. Most striking, along the road, were the many well maintained traditional farmhouses and yards, fronted by rows of daffodils. One yard even had an impressive flock of ducks and hens running around which ignited a typical Mothering Sunday discussion as to what breed of hen was in it!
Also on Sunday, Tom Lyons stepped in for Joe to take 10 A walkers on a five hour hike in the Galtees. Meeting in Kilbehenny village, they drove to the Galtee Castle car park, from whence the followed the path up by the Black Rock river and along the beautiful Black Rock Valley, with Knockaterrif on their left. Here they paused at a disused house for a spot of map reading before proceeding up onto Lyracappul where lunch was had. From here they looped around via Carrignabinna and Bengower, skirting 629 and back down by the Attychraan River. Along the way the elegiac sight of many deserted houses and former potato fields were a sombre reminder of times less benevolent. Thanks to Tom for facilitating a most enjoyable outing.
Next weeks walks are a follows
: Sunday 9/03, the A group will meet with Una and Ann in Rossadrehid at 10am for 5 - 6 hours in the Galtees. The B group will meet with Kevin at 10.30 at Clydagh Bridge for a hike up Cush mountain and Lake Borheen. The C group will meet at Christ the King at 11am when Margaret will lead a three hour hike on Slievenamuck.
Committee Meeting
:A fixtures meeting will be held at the Excel on Tuesday 11th March at 8pm Mountaineering Skills : This course is now full and will commence on Thursday 6th March at 8pm at the Excel Centre

April 6, 2008

The Easter break saw the club take to the Mourne Mountains in Co Down. After settling in to their self catering cottages, ideally located at the foot of the mountains, the group of ten walkers took off on Saturday from Bloody Bridge to the Mourne Wall. They headed on for the summit of Slieve Donard from where they enjoyed magnificent views of the surrounding countryside and across into Scotland. Then it was on to the peaks of Slieve Comeragh and Slieve Slieenaglogh with a stop at Hares Gap. Their return journey took them along by the Tassey River and back to their cottages after a good six or seven hours walking. Thanks to Pat and Breda's good planning, excellent food and entertainment was enjoyed in the Maheragh In on both Saturday and Sunday nights.
Sunday saw five hardy walkers set out again, this time from Bats Wall and on via Slieve Muck where they linked up with the Mourne Wall. Continuing on, they succeeded in taking in Slieve Meelbeg, Slieve Mlemore, Slieve Bearnagh and then back by the Hares Gap. Another long day out but in good dry conditions. Then on the bank holiday Monday, a leisurely hour and a half to two hour walk was enjoyed in Tollymore Park, with lunch afterwards in the Magheragh Inn before making their long trip back home.
The club would like to take this opportunity to thank Pat and Breda for all their planning and ensuring that everyone enjoyed the walks in safety. Of course the true test of the weekend away being so successful is that another trip is being planned for the 15th to the 18th August. This time the destination will be Snowdon in Wales. For further information please contact Breda on 062-33374 or 087-2055223.
Walks for next week Sun 13/04, The A and B groups will meet at Clydagh Bridge at 10am. For the A group, Tom Lyons has planned a 5 - 6 hour climg to Galtymor and Galty Beag . Rita Mooney will lead the B group on a 4 hour climb to Cush and Lake Borheen.
Note also that our Wednesday walks start on 9/04 and will meet at 7pm at Clydagh Bridge for a two hour forest track walk with Rita Mooney. March 9th, 2008 The club goes from strength to strength, with three groups out on Sunday. Dire weather predictions gave way to intermittent bright and sunny conditions, peppered by the odd bout of hail and some snow flurries on high but in all, conditions were almost ideal for hill trekking.
Our ace A walkers, Ann and Una, led 16 of the A group up from Rossadrehid to Lake Muskry, and around the lake to 786. From here they proceeded up the steps towards Galtbeg. Sheltering here for a break, they enjoyed some lunch, while contemplating the magical display of scurrying cloud reflections which played across the surface of the teardrop lake below them. Then it was on up to the relatively calm and snow capped summit of Galtymore where a spirited game of snowballs was the order of the day! Their return journey took them along by the wall and down via Slievecushnabinna and the Clydagh river. In all, the trek took five hours plus and was greatly enjoyed by all.
The B group was led by Kevin O’Sullivan who took 11 walkers from the Clydagh bridge up to the Cush mountain summit. From here they dropped down and went on to Lake Borheen. Conditions were clear and they enjoyed lovely views of the snow capped mountains and could even make out a group of walkers, (most likely the A group) above them on Galtybeagh. Then skirting around the foothills of Galtybeag, (where they ran into a minor snow flurry) they made their way back along the side of Cush, picking up the forest track back down to Clydagh.
The C group were out on Slievenamuck. In usual spirited mood, Margaret Magner led the group away from Christ the King and through the nature park, exiting at Aherlow Hotel. From here they proceeded up the road and took the track for Cnoc an Torbh. Spirits were high as they climbed up towards the rock, enlivened by the company of some new members. Always good to see. The view from the rock was particularly clear with Tipperary town laid out below and the plains stretching away into the Doon Hills. Descending from the rock, they took a loop back along the ridge, enjoying the usual glorious vista of the Glen of Aherlow and the novel sight of the snow capped Galtees in the background. Afterwards a welcome bowl of soup was enjoyed in front of a roaring fire in the Glen Hotel. Just the job.
Next weeks walks
16/03/08 The A walkers will met at Clydagh Bridge at 10am for a round of the Galtee lakes with Mary Rose and Rita. 5-6 hours. Amelia will meet the B group at Christ the King at 10.30 for a 3-4 hour hike around the Glen of Aherlow

April 20, 2008

The evening walks certainly have it and Mary Rose had a near record turnout of 37 enthusiasts on last Wednesdays walk. On a beautiful clear evening, she led the group from Christ the King up via Rock on Taorbh, and on to the Millenium monument. Enjoying lots of banter and glorious views of the Galtees, they swung their way back via dry forest track and flowering gorse to pick up their cars as night fell.
Sunday 20th saw the A group in the Knockmealdowns with Pat Ryan. Their hike took them from the Vee along Glenmoylan valley to Lough Moylan and then upwards to the high point. From here they made their descent to the two lakes where refreshments were had before proceeding onwards and up to Knocknagnauv. Then, circling around, they made their return journey via Knockmealdown, a tea break and the Sugar Loaf. Visibility was quite poor and Pat would like to thank those who helped navigate the way on this challenging six and a half hour trek.
The B group and Kevin made their way up from Rossadrehid to Knocknastukeen. Again, the foggy conditions made for some degree of uncertainty on this familiar route. Nature however obliged by momentarily rolling back the mist to reveal a welcome glimpse of Lake Muskry as they made their way downhill and on to Farbreaga. A reminder perhaps of the importance of navigation skills on the mountains. And on this vein, we report the finish of our mountain skills course for this season. Much appreciation is due to Maureen O’Brien who provided an excellent course for the club and who managed with much patience and humour, to take the group through their final paces, colls and contours on the Galtees last Wednesday. A most worthwhile and enjoyable course. Thank you Maureen.
Upcoming Walks:
Sun 27th Paddy Burke will lead a B walk in the Comeraghs, meeting at Woodies car park in Clonmel at 10am. The A group will be in the Kerry mountains with Owen Ryan. Meet at Daly’s Filling station, first roundabout, Cork road/Killarney at 9am. Info 087 2273562. Beginners Walk will meet in Golden Village at the corner pub by the bridge, at 11am for a two hour river bank walk with Mo to Athassal Abbey. Info 086 3593024
Wed evening Walks Meet in Galbally village at 7pm for a 2+hr walk with Mary Ryan.
Forward notices: An early call here for an away weekend 12th July in Kerry. To ensure accommodation, interested parties should call Paddy 087 2273562. Weekend 3/05 will be the Ballyhoura International Walking festival which means no scheduled Galtee club walks that weekend. For details, The Glen of Aherlow walking festival, led by the Galtee Walking Club, will start May 30th.

April 28, 2008

By 7.50pm on Wednesday, the Rock on Torabh car park was virtually full and still they came. In disbelief the regulars watched as more and more new faces arrived to swell their ranks. Rays time sheet ran out at 25 and by the time he had checked and double checked, a phalanx of 43 walkers were eager and ready to fall in behind him for a moderately paced circuit of Slievenamuck ridge. Their route took them in a westerly direction, on past the mass rock, then bearing north to climb up onto Slievenamuck. Clear views were had all around of Moore Abbey, Sliebhe Riadh and Kilross and latterly, of Tipperary Town as they swung back to complete the circuit. A hearty failte to all the new walkers and a big thanks to Ray for taking care of the logistics of it all.
Sunday 27th saw Owen and the A walkers out early on the road to Killarney. Meeting at Daly’s filling station on the roundabout where they had a cup of tea, they then headed on for Cronins’Yard. From here, they made their way on to Hags Glen and the forest edge, climbing on and up to the Grotto. Proceeding along the eastern reeks, damp, foggy and rainy conditions made visibility tricky and the group veered off course, eventually finding themselves on the Black Valley side of the mountain. The decision then had to be made as to whether they should climb back up, or take the easier option of continuing down into the valley. The latter option won out and they headed down and out onto the road. As luck would have it, within 5 minutes, they were picked up by an obliging Austin Rooney and his van and transported back to Kate Carneys Cottage. The good man Austin, even arranged a local taxi to take the boys back to Cronins Yard. Owen and friends would like to say a heartfelt thanks to Austin for his outstanding generosity. A happy ending however when the boys arrived back in Killarney just in time to watch the last 20 minutes of the rugby and to share the glory of it all. A big thanks from Owen too to Larry and Mike for their support and good spirits on what was indeed an eventful 5 hour day of hill walking.
Meanwhile Paddy Burke was busy with 22 B walkers in the Comeraghs.. Meeting at the Nire Valley car park where they did a car split, they proceeded up via the Gap, turning left for Knockanaffrin and along to Knocksheegowna. Conditions were good and the group enjoyed wonderful clear views of Carrick on Suir and West Waterford. From here they made their way up Shauneenabreaga before starting their descent to the Sli na Breaga car park to pick up the cars for their return journey. Thanks to Paddy from all for a most enjoyable Comeragh experience.
Next Wednesdays walk 30th inst will meet at 7pm in Galbally, when Mary Ryan will lead a two and a half hour forest trek. There are no scheduled Sunday walks as the Ballyhoura walking festival will be taking place. See their website.

May 4, 2008

On Sunday 27th the beginners group were out on their monthly walk. This time they had a novel historic walk with Mo and friends along the banks of the Suir from Golden village to Athassal Abbey. On hearing news of bulls on the path, (thanks to Catherine) the group did a quick car split and started the walk from the Ballycarron end, picking up the heritage riverside way in the direction of the Abbey. A beautiful pastoral trail, the banks of the Suir were dry and colourfully bedecked with a delightful array of primroses, iris, mint, wild rocket and budding willow. Walking through herds of curious cows, the 16 walkers spent some time marvelling at the extensive 12th century Augustinian Priory ruins before proceeding on to Golden village. Thankfully the bulls were otherwise preoccupied! A display of swans ascending from the river provided the perfect finale and indeed photo shoot for the children in the group, who captured all the high spots on their photo mobiles. Their teachers would be impressed with their obvious enjoyment and interest in the outing. It is a great pity that the entire walk cannot be made more open and safe for walkers. It is truly a great local amenity.
Wednesday May eve, saw another massive outing, this time 43 and in Galbally, compliments of Mary Ryan’s stewardship. Mary had mapped a new winding route, up from the Tipperary Road and through the woods of Duntryleague. to Darbys Bed. The path was dry and comfortably sprung with plenty of leaf mould underfoot. Bestride the ancient dolmen at Darby’s bed, Danny addressed the assembly, a scene somewhat reminiscent of the historic monster meetings of O’Connell times! His message however was more benign,‘Great to see so many new faces, you are all heartily welcome to the Galtee Walking club’. Thank you Mary and stewards for another great Wednesday evening walk.
A good many of our members were busy with neighbouring walking festivals last weekend. The Ballyhoura festival saw 10 of our members on the mini marathon and some also attended the Slieve Bloom festival in Offaly. A reminder too that our own Aherlow walking festival takes place on the June bank holiday
Forthcoming walks:
Sun May 11th The A group will meet at Kilshane Woods car park at 10am for a five hour forest trek in the Glen of Aherlow. Also on Sunday the B walkers will meet in Kilfinane village at 10am for a river bank and forest walk with Mary Ryan. The C group have a river walk with Marion Ryan from Cashel to Golden. Meet at the Rock car park at 11am. Wednesday 14/05 Meet at 7pm in Bishopswood car park (Dundrum) for a 2 hour plus, forest track walk with Mary O’Dwyer.
Reminders: Committee Meeting: 20th May at Excel centre 8pm. Weekend away in Kerry 12/13th July. To book, call Paddy 087 6111026

June 9, 2008

Last weekend’s walks were cancelled as a mark of respect to our long standing and much valued club member, Teresa Finn (nee Quirke ) and husband Dan, whose tragic and untimely passing occurred last week. Teresa will be remembered by many of us for her unstinting commitment to the club and for the active part she played in organizing and leading walks. Indeed it was only last week that she helped steward over 100 festival walkers up to Lake Muskry. Teresa’s particular expertise lay in her intimate knowledge of the the trails around Bansha Woods and the Slievenamuck Ridge which she enthusiastically shared with us and especially with the newer members of the club. She was a strong and energetic walker who relished the challenge of forest track and open mountain and generously embraced the camaraderie of it all. Her thoughtfulness, determination and gentle ways combined to make her an exceptionally supportive hill walking companion and she will be greatly missed by all of us who were privileged to know her. May she rest in peace and may her spirit live on in the trails and peaks of the Galtees.
Forthcoming Walks:
Sunday 15/06 A Walk with T O’Neill is a 4-5 hour open mountain trek in the Galtees. Meet at the Foot Bar, Rossadrehid at 10am. The B group will meet at Clydagh Bridge at 10am when Anne Donoghue will lead a 4 hour open mountain walk to Galtee Beag and Lake Borheen. Wed evening 18/06 Meet at Clydagh Bridge, Aherlow at 7pm for a 3 hour+ climb to Lake Curra & Lake Dineen with Owen Ryan. Forward notice: The great end of season Galtee Challenge is fast approaching and this year, the 10 hour traverse of the ridge will travel from Anglesborough to Cahir. Participants should by now be limbering up for this event which takes place on 29/06.Details Owen 087 273562 or Pat 062 33374.

June 30, 2008

After months of leg practice on the hills, the big day had finally arrived when the great Galtee Crossing got underway on Sunday. From Tipperary, Limerick, Cork, Waterford and Kilkenny they came, friends from the Peaks and the Ballyhouras too. By 8am, on a bright and promising morning, the Castle car park in Cahir was akin to a miniature Everest base camp as 53 walkers (men and women) were clocked and signed in by Josephine, Breda, and helpers and three bus loads set off for the start point in Anglesborough. An advance party had already been up the mountains earlier in the week to lay in stockpiles of water in the cool upper bog lands of the Galtees. This challenging crossing is an annual event in the club’s calendar, laid down five years ago by our esteemed president Bob Noonan and the great Ryan family, and involves a traverse of the entire Galtee range, which this year travelled from Anglesborough to Cahir. Their very first ascent took them up over 700m to Temple Hill and this was only the beginning! Then it was up and down the major peaks all along the ridge, taking in Lyracappul at 800m, the great Galtymore 919m, Galty Beag 799m, Grennane 800m, Fear Breaga and the lesser peaks on towards Cahir. There were many pauses along the way for light snacks and bars and the vital water, but also to revel in the magnificent panoramic views displayed in glorious weather conditions on all sides.
From 6pm supporters were out on the Mountain Road monitoring their approach by text and an invaluable service was provided by Ann O’ Donnell’s son Shane, who roved the nearby forest tracks in his quad, keeping a lookout and who even managed to pick up one very tired walker on her last lap home. Thanks to Shane for this and to Ann for being such a huge help with her local knowledge of the Cahir hinterlands. Finally, in slanting sunshine, the band of walkers appeared around the last bend in the forest road, still stepping it out in energetic manner, to be clapped in and greeted by their enthusiastic supporters. They had the look of the elements about them, wind ruffled hair, dancing bright eyes and ecstatic smiles on their faces. They were very much alive and standing after 11 hours in the hills. Well done indeed to all of them.
The penultimate stage of this great day saw our lady piper take the victorious troupe through the streets of Cahir to their final destination at the Galtee Inn. But prior to this, some welcome hot showers were provided by the Duneske sports complex. A much appreciated service indeed. Then it was banqueting time and no need to comment there. The Galtee Inn laid on really great fare. A high point of the evening was a surprise birthday cake for Owen, which Breda ingeniously managed to make go some fifty ways! Then came an address from our chairman, Danny Bailey who congratulated all and who must justly feel proud to see the fruits of all his efforts for the club come to fruition in this event. Finally, it was presentation time when each walker received a certificate and a woolly hat, emblazoned with the club crest! And fine and roomy they were too. Much appreciation for all this and more to Pat, Owen and Breda, whose tireless efforts for the club all year round are immeasurable. A truly great and memorable event. Finally a word of thanks to all the unsung backroom facilitators, too numerous to mention, who provided back up cars, phones, moral support and other services throughout. A special thanks too to Mangans Cash and Carry in Tipperary for water supplies.
Sunday walks are now finished until September.The next two weeks evening walks are as follows:- Wed 9/07: Meet Rody at Clydagh Bridge 7pm for a 3 hour forest track and mountain trek. Wed 16/07 Thos will lead the 3 hour foot circuit walk from the Foot Bar 7pm. Our fixtures meeting will take place on 7th Aug in the Excel, Tipperary. All offers of walks to Josephine 062 51775. We’d love to hear from you. The clubs AGM will be 9th Oct. Open to all members.

Kings Yard

Nationwide at King's Yard
RTE Nationwide's visit to Kings Yard on Thursday July 3rd, 2008. Photo by Jimmy Barry.

September 7, 2008

Welcome back to all our walkers, old and new, to our new Autumn schedule of walks which started off last Sunday in the most benevolent weather conditions of the season. Clear skies and bright sunshine brought a spring to their steps, as once again, all three groups took to the woods and hills of the Galtees. (Belated thanks to Danny our chairman who brought the Wednesday evening walks to a close at the end of the month with a thoroughly enjoyable round of Slievenamuck.)
Sunday being the big match day, groups A & B did a shortened joint outing to Lake Curra with Rita. Given the glorious weather conditions, the group decided to do a split at the lake and eight of them scrambled up the gully and onto Galtee Mor. They still made it home on time!
Cecelia was at the Lady Gregory to greet 16 C/beginner walkers and take them on a lively trek of the woods around Toureen. Walking in the shadow of the ridge to the south, the group circled around the foothills, taking in great views on all sides of Cahir, Knockgraffon, the Doon Hills and the intermittent patchwork displays of recently harvested cornfields. A touch of the turning season was evident in the cooler air, the burnished leaves and the ripening blackberries along the way. A busy field mouse too only just escaped the crush of boots! A most enjoyable outing and greatly enhanced afterwards by some hearty cups of tea at the Gregory. Thank you Cecelia.
Next weeks walks are as follows:-
Sunday 14th there is a special combined A&B hike along the beautiful Avondhu Way with Tom Lyons. Although this is a five hour hike, it is largely forest track and climbs are gentle. Meeting point is Clogheen Church at 10am. See our website for the rest of the seasons walks.

September 22, 2008

The fog lifted and glorious Indian summer conditions greeted our B and C walkers on Slievenamuc last Sunday. Navigators, Margaret and Mo set out with 17 of the B group at 10am from The Rock car park to take on a novel three and a half hour circular route of the Muc. Climbing up onto the ridge, they made their way through sometimes muddy and overgrown paths, but mostly easeful open moorland towards Galbally. Lunch was enjoyed at the village perimeter before rounding the bend and taking the lower forest track back via the Mass Rock to the car park. A lively and most convivial outing, there was much of historic interest to share along the way, like the outlying dolmens and the O’Sullivan Bere Way which intersects the route. Lots of puns too on the muc! But generally agreed, a very successful first for our two intrepid leaders. A big thanks is due to Willie Kavanagh who stepped into the breach to take the C group on an easterly round of the ridge. Twelve people turned out for this walk and on this occasion, we are pleased to welcome four new walkers. Their two and a half hours walk in bright sunshine, took them south from the car park, then east as far as the Cordangan barrier before rounding back via Rock on Thoraibh and the unmistakable whiff of wild goat!
The A group were somewhat more adventurous, with Michael Casey taking the group on a five hour circuit of the Galtees. Their route took them up from Clydagh and o nto Slievecushnabinna, then over the wall and into the valley. From here they took on a tough ascent of Galtee Mor only to be enveloped in fog at the summit! Their return journey took them around the back of the mountain, via the slopes of Galtee Beag and on past Lake Borheen to Cush, from whence they made their way back down to Clydagh. A challenging hike and a fitting welcome back from Spain to John. A new adventure too for Danny and Rita on their first footfall of the Binnia. Well done all.
Finally a word of thanks to Tom Lyons for his recent A/B outing on the Avondhu Way. A special and much anticipated outing which was marred by persistent heavy rains. One to remember Tom.
Next weeks walks:
Sun 28th the A group will meet Larry at Killusty Church at 10am for a five hour hike of Slievenamon. The B group will have a 3+ hour river bank walk with Alma from Carrick on Suir to Kilsheelan. Meet at Kilsheelan car park at 10am. The next C walk will be in Cashel on 5th Oct. Notice: The AGM will be on 9th Oct at the Excel Centre in Tipperary at 8pm. All club members welcome.

September 28, 2008

Our repertoire of walks was extended on Sunday when Alma led a novel and lovely three and a half hour riverside hike along the Suir from Carrick on Suir to Kilsheelan. Sixteen B walkers met in Kilsheelan where cars were pooled to take them on to Carrick and the start of the walk. A misty start soon gave way to bright sunshine as they made their way along the open and well maintained paths of the still swollen river, its muddy banks a stark reminder of recent flooding. There was plenty of activity along the way as fishermen cast their rods and bided their time and a lone heron kept its still watch. Through the woods to the south, fleeting glimpses were had of Knockanaffrin and the Comeraghs as the group entered the home stretch to Kilsheelan. Thank you Alma for a very special walk.
Larry and the A group were in Slievenamon. Their ascent took them up from Killusty to the Jubilee Cross in rather misty conditions to start with. However, as they progressed, the skies cleared and they were able to enjoy the usual splendid views from this magical mountain. The group were also entertained by Joe who was well versed in the lore and legend of the area. The high spot of the day however was the rare sighting of a hen harrier.
Upcoming Walks: The A group will meet with Thos at the Silver Sands Pub at 9.30 for a four hour hike in the Comeraghs. The B group will meet at 10am at Clydagh Bridge for a round of two Galtee lakes with Mary O’Dwyer.
Notice: The Club’s AGM will be on Thur 9th Oct at the Excel in Tipperary at 8pm. All members welcome. Finally, please note that walks reports not published can be found on our website

October 6, 2008

Glorious sunshine and fantastic clear views were the order of the day on Sunday last 5th October. A, B and C groups were out taking in this much longed for autumn sunshine. Thos O Neill had 19 out in his A group in the Comeragh mountains. They started off in Kilclooney Wood and continued on to complete a full circuit of Counshingaun mountain. This 5 hour loop was much enjoyed by all including 3 guests from Dublin. Conditions were ideal for photographic enthusiasts especially around the lake where a well earned break was taken. A treat to take lunch basking in the sun! Thank you Thos for this wonderful outing.
Mary O Dwyer had 15 out on her B walk in the Galtee mountains. This 4 hour trek took in Lakes Curra and Diheen again in fantastic clear conditions. Mary informs me that they were greeted on their route by a huge fox on the hunt. While conditions were quite wet underfoot, spirits were high and an enjoyable outing was had by all, thank you Mary. Marion Ryan had 9 out on her C walk which started off from the Rock carpark in Cashel and followed the old Pilgrim route that stretched from Cashel to Callan in Co. Kilkenny. The group followed this route by road to outside Dualla and returned to Cashel in approx 2.5 hours. Again the clear conditions afforded views of the Galtee, Knockmealdown and Comeragh mountain ranges to the south and the Devil's Bit and Newport Hills to the north. Thank you Marion.
Please note our A.G.M. will be held in the Excel tonight (October 9th) at 8.00pm.
Upcoming Fixtures.
Both A and B walks will be on the southern slopes of the Galtee Mountains next Sunday 15th October. Meeting point is Kilbehenny Village at 10.00am from where Willie Ryan will lead the A group on a 5 hr trek and Anne O Donnell will lead the B group on a 4 hr trek in the Blackrock Valley.

October 14, 2008

Last Sunday 12th October our A and B walkers were out in very misty, foggy conditions on the southern slopes of the Galtee mountains. 29 walkers met in Kilbehenny village and travelled on to Kings Yard hostel. There they split into 9 for the A walk with Willie Ryan and 20 for the B walk with Anne o'Donnell. The A group set off for the point 629 and met the Galtee Wall. They then travelled east as far as Knockaduff where they took a quick lunch break. The original plan was to take in Galteemor but due to the poor visibility the decision was taken to head back down southwards to Kings Yard. Many thanks to Willie and his navigators Pat and Tom for completing this loop in safety at a lively pace. The B walk was in the Blackrock valley heading firstly up to point 629. There they turned left and followed the zig zag track down to the Blackrock river. They picked up the wall and followed it south to where the Blackrock and Pigeonrock rivers meet and returned back to the Kings Yard hostel. Thank you Anne and navigators for this circuit. It's regretable that the wonderful scenery in that area was blocked out in the fog but Anne assures me that this walk will be included in the Spring list of walks. Both groups arrived back to Kingsyard together to enjoy the fantastic selection of fresh sandwiches and plenty hot tea and coffee. The cost of the food was paid for by the club and a big thank you Brigid in the hostel for her hospitality and the use of parking and toilet facilities there.
Our club AGM was held last Thursday evening and arising from that we have our new officers and committee for the 2008/2009 year. Our President is Bob Noonan, Chairman Danny Bailey, Vice Chairman Tom Lyons, Secretary Rita Mooney, Treasurer Josephine Tierney, PRO's Maureen Larkin and Mary Rose Kinane. The committee is as follows - Catherine Russell, Rody Tierney, Anne Donohoe, Pat Ryan, Breda Ryan, Willie Ryan, Kevin O Sullivan, Paddy Bourke, Owen Ryan, Pat Butler, Patricia Butler, Joe Browne, John Murphy, Amelia Ryan and Eddie McGrath.
Please note all membership forms and payment to be sent immediately to Josephine Tierney to ensure all members are registered and insured with M.C.I. Next weekend 18th/19th October A, B and C walks are being catered for by the Ballyhoura Rambling Weekend programme. Please contact Ben O Sullivan 087 4180181 for further info.

October 20, 2008

Last weekend the 18th and 19th October our club joined forces with the Ballyhoura's on their Rambling Weekend schedule of walks. A, B and C walks were catered for on this programme. Our C group took to the Hollyford hills led by Patricia Butler. There were 14 out on this forest track loop starting off at Meinvee, on to the forest track through the woods to Crough Morka Road, Doon. From there they made the return journey back to Meinvee and went to view the windmill. All in this loop took 2.5 hours and a big thank you to Patricia and welcome to our newcomers.
Social Calendar:
The Christmas party has been booked for the Friday 12th December in Dundrum House Hotel. Please contact Breda Ryan 086 3946048 to book your place as soon as possible.
Forthcoming Fixtures:
Next Sunday 26th October the A and B walk will meet at the Foot Car Park @ 10.00am for a 4 hour trek on open mountain with leader Thos O Neill 086 2656598.

October 26, 2008

The ghastly weather conditions receded on Sunday to give way, for a few precious hours, to mostly dry and bright conditions as the combined A /B group of Galtee walkers met with Thos at the Foot Bar on Sunday for the first walk of Wintertime. Over 30 people turned out for this Foot Circuit walk which took them up a long, steep and stoney path towards Sturrakeen where lunch was shared at O’Loughlin’s Rock. The A walkers then departed for further adventures in the direction of Fearbreaga and beyond, while the B group proceeded on to take in spot points 541 and 505. Underfoot conditions were exceptionally wet for the time of year but the views all around from this plateau were awesome. The Knockmealdowns, in their splendid jagged grandeur, seemed only a few footfalls away, with Slievenamon to the east and the towns and villages in the plains below all easily identifiable. Having feasted on this splendour, the group circled around to make their way back to the stony path and their descent to the road. The club were delighted to welcome some weekenders from Dublin and Meath who happily joined in the usual banter and bonhomie of the group. Thanks to Thos and sweepers for a thoroughly enjoyable outing.
Next week walks Sunday 2nd Nov. the A group will meet at Clydagh Bridge, Lisvernane at 10am for a 5 hour circuit of the Galtees with Paul Ryan. The B group will meet at Garryspillane Cross at 10am when Mary Murphy will lead a 4 hour forest track walk. The C group will also be out on Sunday for a 2 hour forest trek with Mo. Meet at the Lady Gregory Pub at 11am.
The club is now taking membership for the year beginning Oct 08/09. We would urge members new and old, to renew their membership now to take full advantage of a whole year membership at a cost of forty euros. Beats gym fees by a long way!
The next meeting will be held on 20th Nov at 8pm at the Excel Centre. All suggestions for January to Easter walks gratefully received.

November 2, 2008

Perfect walking conditions prevailed on Sunday, inducing young and old to take to the great outdoors. The C walk was akin to a family outing, when five under 10s turned out with their parents for a two hour exploration of Toureen woods with Mo and 20 other ramblers. It was heartening to see how eagerly the youngsters got straight into the lead, racing along through forest tracks and some forbidding puddles too and scrambling up to view the tumbling cascades of the Toureen waterfall. This two hour round took us gently upwards through the forest and then back down via Pecauns well and the Blind borheen to The Lady Gregory Pub. A lovely outing in splendid Autumnal conditions. Also on Sunday, fourteen B walkers met with Mary Murphy in Garryspillane and drove on to the Animal hospital for the start of their walk. This four hour circular walk proceeded firstly through forest track and then up onto Slievereagh. Here they enjoyed lovely views all around, broke bread and signed the secret book! Then picking their way carefully through somewhat rough terrain, they made their way back down to the barrier and cars. A big thank you to Mary for this.
The stalwart A group were also out in strength. 21 of them met Paul (on his initiation trip) at Clydagh Bridge to take on a formidable five hour circuit of the Galtee Horseshoe. Starting out in sunny conditions, this challenging hike took them up Cush and on to Galty Beag. From here weather conditions became progressively windy and cold with fog and poor visibility. But this did not deter the group from making it onto an even colder Galty Mor where they paused for some refreshment before proceeding to complete the circuit via Slievecushnabinnia and back down via the grassy knoll to Clydagh. Some accomplishment and what an ice breaker for Paul! Accompanying the group were two Dublin walkers for whom the Galtees was but a leg in their broader personal challenge for 2008. We wish them well.
Next weeks walks :
Sun 9/11 Mary Rose will lead the B group, starting from Rossadrehid Post Office at 10am for a hike to Fear Breaga and Lake Muskry. The A group will meet at Kilshane/bansha Woods car Park at 10am for a five hour plus forest trek from Bansha Woods.

November 11, 2008

The miserably wet and cold conditions of last weekend did not deter our walkers from donning the wet gear and braving the elements. On Sunday 9th November Rody Tierney had a group of 13 out on his A walk, 4 of whom had been out on the previous day taking part in the Rearcross Walking Festival. Rody's walk started in the Bansha Woods and traversed the Slievenamuck hills via Rock an Tarbh on to Aherlow House and as far as Moanour overlooking Lisvernane and Galbally villages. The return journey brought them back by the mast on the northern side of Slievenamuck to the Rock an Tarbh and backk to Bansha woods. The rain stayed off until 1/2 of this 29km loop was completed but it poured down for some time afterwards, the shelter of the forest tracks was much appreciated. Many thanks Rody for this 6hr loop.
Mary Rose had 14 out on her hike to Lake Muskry. The planned visit to Lake Fear Breaga was put off for another day by majority decision as the group was determined to stay one step ahead of the rain. Thanks to Mary O Dwyer for imparting her local knowledge on Aherlow Castle to all and to Paddy Burke for to the visit to the plaque in remembrance of a local Rossadrehid man. The group marvelled at the beauty of the snow covered higher peaks of the Galtees and the gushing water both on the track and running off the mountain. An enjoyable outing completed in 3 hours.
Social Calender: Would all those interested in attending this years Christmas party in Dundrum House Hotel please contact Breda Ryan . Those who have already added their names to the list, please contact Breda also with payment as the booking needs to be finalised with the hotel.
Furthcoming fixtures: Next Sunday 16th Nov the A walk will meet in Kilfinane Village at 10.00am for a trek to Glenaar and Seefin mountain with leader Willie Ryan 062 37932. The B Walk will meet at Newport Church at 10.30am for a climb of Keeper Hill with leader Amelia Ryan 087 9947256. The C Walk will meet in Galbally Square at 11.00am for a climb to Darby's bed with Alice Morrissey 061 455907.
Next Fixtures meeting for all committee members will be Thurs 20th Nov at the Excel, Tipperary town. Anyone wishing to lead a walk in the Winter/Spring schedule please contact any committee member before this meeting.

November 16, 2008

All three club groups were out on Sunday. Starting with the C group, where novice walkers test their mettle, Alice led the group out of Galbally village, and along the road, before making their ascent up the forest track to Darby’s bed. Potential panoramic views from the dolemen on top were obscured by thick mist leaving the group to contemplate the wet lie of Dirmuid and Grainne! There followed a lively round of the mound before making their way back down the track to the road. (though Margaret had to retrace her steps and managed to retrieve her multicoloured trophy hat from the path!) A much appreciated two hour leg stretcher. Thank you Alice.
The B group travelled a bit further afield, meeting with Amelia at Newport for a hike in the Silvermines. 25 walkers turned out , driving from Newport to Toor and Balyhourigan woods where the walk commenced. From here they proceeded upwards in a northerly direction, then westward past an ancient sweat house and mass rock and on up to the summit of Keeper Hill (694m). The final push was tough with rough, broken rock underfoot, but everywhere was the spectacular sight and sound of gushing mountain streams, cascading downwards and under the paths. Visibility was very poor, with the Galtees, Lough Derg and Nenagh shrouded in mist. Lunch however was enjoyed in balmy temperatures before retracing their steps back down the path to the cars. A welcome away day enjoyed by all.
Willie Ryan led the A group. Their 5 hour outing started from Glenanaar Mountain Park, along the forest road, crossing over the new bridge to their first stop at the mass rock. Generally misty conditions prevailed with wet underfoot conditions. Following the Ogeen river, they criss- crossed the new bridges over the county boundaries before making their ascent of the rough and heathery Seefin mountain. From here they amused themselves, military style, by taking on the multi obstacle challenge of Failtes ‘Keep fit’ trail! Some experience. Finally making their way back, to the Glenanaar car park, they managed to finish this 20k hike in five hours. Well done all.
Forthcoming Walks:
The A group will do a 6 hour hike of the southern Galtees with Tom Lyons. Meet at Glengarra Woods car park at 10am. The B group will meet at Cush car park at 10am to take in a four hour climb of Cush mountain and Lake Borheen with Rita.

November 24, 2008

On Sunday 23rd November both A and B groups were out testing their endurance levels on both the northern and southern slopes of the Galtees. Tom Lyons had 11 out in his A group which met at Glengarra Woods and proceeded along the forest track and out on to the mountain taking in the peak of Knockeenatoung. Here the driving wind and showers of sleet forced a change from the original route planned and Galtee Mor was put off for more favourable conditions. They continued accross the Black Road on to the Attychrann River and onwards to the base of Galteebeag. There they picked up the Glengarra River and travelled along it's course to Kingsyard Hostel. A challenging 18km trekcompleted in 5.5 hours by our well seasoned walkers and welcome to the 4 newcomers from Cork who thoroughly enjoyed the outing. Well done and thank you Tom. The B group of 12 walkers led by Rita met at Clydagh bridge and headed off in very inclement conditions to take in the peak of Cush. At a height of 639m the biting wind and sleet showers didn't allow for any waiting about and thanks to Paddy Bourke's navigational skills the group descended Cush to the forest track and covered another 7 miles back to Cush carpark. Thanks to Rita, Danny and Paddy who brought their experience and skills to play in very challenging conditions.
The committee held it's Winter/Spring 2009 fixtures meeting last Thurs night and there is plenty variety at home and away on track, mountain and riverbank planned. The A, B and C schedule of walks will be posted to all members by Christmas.
Any final bookings for this years Christmas party please contact Breda Ryan as soon as possible.
Forthcoming fixtures:
A walk next Sunday 30th November, meet at Grubbs Monument, The Vee at 10.00am for a 6 hr trek on open mountain with Pat Ryan 062 33374. The B group will meet at Lisvernane Village at 10.00am for a 3 hr Slievenamuc loop walk with Mary Ryan 062 37932.

November 30, 2008

Bright frosty conditions prevailed at the weekend creating ideal walking conditions at the lower levels. For the A group however, the Knockmealdowns were a bitingly cold experience. Ten indomitable males set out at a brisk pace from the Vee to take on the Sugar Loaf, proceeding on to Knockmealdown where artic winds and sub zero conditions prevailed. Here they sheltered in a hollow to recharge their batteries and have a bite to eat. Then it was on to Knocnagnauv and the elbow from where they retraced their steps, making their way back to the cars. Visibility was generally poor but there were moments when the sun broke through to tease them and to reveal some spectacular views. Definitely not an outing for the faint hearted but thanks to Pat for a most memorable mid winter challenge.
The B group had an altogether more clement experience. Mary Ryan provided the navigation for this new circular walk which took the group of 24 up from Lisvernane village, up through forest track and onto Slievenamuck ridge. Clear view were had all around of the Galtees and the towns and villages stretching off to Limerick. Some interesting commentary too from Willie on settlement patterns and dynasties of the region. Traversing the frosty, ridge top in clear blue skies and sunshine, they paused at the highest point, in sight of the dolmens, saluted their ancestors, had their lunch break and basked in the glorious hoary winter landscape of sedge and conifers. All that was missing were the reindeer to complete this perfect Christmas landscape. Proceeding onwards, this excellent way marked track took them down the side of the ridge onto the lower path, leading past Ballynacourty House and back into Lisvernane village. Well done Mary for this virgin run.
Next weeks walks:
The A group will be in the Comeraghs. Meet at Mahon Falls at 10am for a five hour open mountain trek with Owen Ryan. The B group will meet at Rossadrehid Waterworks car park at 10am when Catherine Russell will lead a four hour outing on Knocknastukeen.The following week will be the Shannon Banks walk for all groups.

December 8, 2008

On Sunday last 7th December our A and B groups were out in the Comeragh and Galtee mountains. The A group led by Owen Ryan met at the Mahon Falls carpark. The 6 hardy walkers set off in near perfect conditions Their trek took them firstly to peak 766 from where they circled around the plateau and on to peak 717. The bright and clear conditions afforded excellent views of the Nire Valley as the group headed for Crotty's Rock and peak 792. Moving steadily along the next point to be conquered was Apeebra and then on to the top of the Mahon Falls for a well earned lunch break and time to take in the fantastic views in the unusually clear conditions. The final lap brought the group back down beside the tumbling waters of the Falls, completing this 12Km route in 5 hours. A big thank you to Owen for this lively and invigorating outing.
Catherine Russell led the B group of 14 out from the Rossadrehid Waterworks car park up the zig zag track to Knocknstukeen Again the bright and clear conditions were very welcome as one always loves to fully appreciate the natural beauty of our local mountains as well as benefitting from the excercise and lively banter on these outings. The group climbed to the summit of Knocknastukeen and marvelled at the views of the other peaks of the Galtees that lay before them. In the cool conditions they descended briskly to more sheltered surroundings to have their lunck break. They then moved on to Lake Muskry and returned to base via the Muskry track.Many thanks Catherine for this wonderful outing.
On the social calender our big party night takes place this Friday night in Dundrum House Hotel when the walking boots will be left behind and the dancing shoes will be donned. Many thanks as ever to Breda for looking after the arrangements for us, hope everyone has a great night's entertainment.
Forthcoming fixtures:
Next Sunday 14th December Larry Joy 086 1512562 will lead out a 4 hour walk along river Shannon and surrounding canals. This walk is suitable for A, B and C walkers. There will be a bus from the Market Yard car park, Tipperary town at 9.00 am and stopping at O'Brien's Bridge, Birdhill at 10.00 am.

December 15, 2008

Seasonal greetings to all. A great night was had by all at Dundrum house on Friday when the club held their annual Christmas bash. Up to 50 members, left their boots behind, donned their finery and rattled the boards ‘til the small hours, with Caroline in fine voice.
Thanks to Breda for all her hard work in organizing this and to Pat Marnane and partner for some great tunes.
Then on Sunday, some 20 people from combined A,B &C groups, joined Larry at O’Briens Bridge for a truly glorious Shannon side hike. In bright sunny conditions, they took off in a southerly direction along the Shannon banks, turning right along the old canal route with its historic locks and bridges, to the village of Clonlara where they circled around to pick up the ESB headrace. Proceeding along the embankments of this amazing engineering feat of the 20s, with the Clare Hills to their left and a snow capped Keeper Hill to their right, they eventually reached the great Parteen weir where the waters of Lough Derg and the Shannon meet. Here they paused for some photos and to reflect upon the glories of ArdnaCrusha days (thanks to Larry’s interesting commentary). Then it was homeward bound along the Shannon banks and back to O’Briens Bridge where the good Noel Brown and his bus were waiting to take the group back to Tipperary. A very special day out. Thank you Larry.
Years End Walks:
Dec 21st, the combined A and B group will meet at Galtee Castle car park at 10am for 5 hrs on open mountain with Joe. The C group will meet in Doon village with Jill at 11am for two hours around the Doon Hills. Christmas Day walk starts from Christ the King at 10am for a two hour round of the ridge with Ray and on Stephens Day, Danny will lead a walk from Aherlow House Hotel at 12am. The last walk of the year will be on Sun 28/12. Meet 10am with Kevin at Bansha Woods car park.

December 28, 2008

The unusually dry and clear conditions over the Christmas period were most welcome for our walkers who took to the Slievenamuck hills and the Galtee mountains for some fresh air and exercise. Ray Coleman had 9 out on his Christmas morning circuit from Christ the King statue via the Rock an tarbh and back to the statue. On St Stephen's day Danny Bailey led a group of 20 out from Aherlow House hotel on a lively forest track loop, many thanks to Ray and Danny who give their time each year to lead walks on these days.
On Sunday 28th December the A group was out in the Galtee mountains led by Rody Tierney. There was 8 out in this group taking in the wonderful scenery in the crystal clear conditions. They met at Clydagh bridge and headed for Lake Curra, then up the gully at the back of the lake meeting the wall at the top of the Galtees. They then proceeded onwards for the peaks of Galteemor and Galteebeg and descended via the Giesha steps to the farmyard and Cush boreen. They took plenty breaks to marvel at the scenery and beauty afforded by such clear conditions, hopefully a good omen for more fair conditions in the year ahead.
Next Sunday 4th January kicks off the first walks of the Winter/Spring 2009 schedule. The A group will meet at Ballina Car Park at 10.00am for a 5 hour forset track walk from Garrykennedy to Portroe. The leader will be P. J. O'Sullivan 061 301243. The B group will meet at Rock an Tarbh car park at 10.30 am for a 4 hour forest track walk on Slieve na Muc with leader Eddie McGrath 062 51397 The C group will meet at Rossadrehid at 11.00am for a 3 hour climb to Lake Muskry with leader Mo Larkin 086 3593024.
As 2008 draws to a close may I take this opportunity on behalf of our committee to wish all our walkers a happy and healthy new year with plenty safe and enjoyable walking.

Galtee Walking Club