News, January 3rd, 2016

Thanks to Joe Browne and Thos O'Neill for the first walks of 2016 on Sunday last. The weather was dry and mild but the evidence of all the recent rain was plain to be seen with water flowing everywhere. We extend a welcome to Rosie and hope that she enjoyed her first walk with the club.
The Glen of Aherlow Winter Walking Festival takes place at the end of January and it is hoped that as many members as possible will act as stewards during the event.

B/C walk
Thos O'Neill's B/C walk on the Ballydavid Loop on Sunday January 3rd, 2016.   7 photos

News, January 10th, 2016

Paddy Bourke had the only club walk on Sunday last and a great crowd ofover 40 people turned up at Bansha woods to wish him a happy birthday and walk in the sunshine around a forest track loop as far as the Millennium Stone. 8 of the stronger walkers got as far as Rock an Torabh and stopped nearby for lunch passing by the Millennium Stone going over and back. They got back to Bansha Wood carpark at 2.30pm having covered 17.5km.
There are two walks on Sunday next, January 17. Tom Lyons is taking the ‘A’ walk at 10am and anyone who wants details should contact Tom in advance. The other walk is a combined ‘B’ and ‘C’ outing, meeting in Kilsheelan at 10:30am with David Stapleton. The first half of the walk is on the Glenpatrick Loop, after which those who want a short walk can finish, while those who want to go on for longer can follow the Glasha river down through the gorge and back again on forest tracks.
Preparations are well under way for the Glen of Aherlow Winter Walking Festival at the end of the month and more stewards for all the walks would be welcome.

B/C walk
Paddy Bourke's B/C walk from Bansha Woods car park on Sunday January 10th, 2016.  4 photos

News, January 17th, 2016

It’s great to see a big number of new members joining the club since the start of the year and we hope they all enjoy the experience of walking the woods and mountains from now on. There are three walks to choose from on Sunday next, January 24. Liz Breen’s ‘A’ walk starts at 10am and anyone who wants details should contact Liz in advance. Brendan Sheils is taking the ‘B’ walkers from Rossadrehid Waterworks up around Lake Muskry and Knockastackeen. This also starts at 10am. At 11am in Galbally Village Mary Ryan will be on familiar territory when she takes the ‘C’ walkers around the Darby's Bed Loop, visiting the pre-historic Megalithic Tomb thought to be the burial place of one of the early Kings of Munster and associated with the legend of Diarmuid and Gráinne.
Thanks to Tom Lyons and David Stapleton for providing the walks on a damp day last Sunday.

Tom Lyons' report on his A walk
7 people turned up for this no name walk on the south side of the Galty's. We started in Galty castlewood and headed for Blackrock valley where on our way there we saw a deer with fine antlers skipping of up the side of the mountain. Someone said they would love to be able to skip up the mountain like that I thought we were skipping along just fine. The conditions were foggy but no rain. We dropped low into the valley and then took the zigzag track up the side of Carrigeen mountain to enter our second valley of the day, Glounreagh. When we reached the house ruins we stopped for lunch, then the day started to rain. This did not deter us and we headed to visit our 3rd valley of the day, Atthychraan. While there we paid a visit to the old famine village there. It was many people's first time there. From here we made our return to the cars along by the Atthychraan river with spirts high. We finished our 15km trek in 3.5 hours. Thanks to everyone for turning up for a very enjoyable walk.

David Stapleton's report on the B/C walk
The walk started from the picnic area in the hills south of Kilsheelan and was divided into two sections to try to accommodate both B and C walkers. The first half was on the waymarked Glenpatrick Bridge Loop, taking in the slate quarry, the old drover or military road, Coolishal Wood and the bank of the Glasha river. On reaching the car park at the end of this 8km loop, those who had wanted a shorter walk went home but it was only the half-way point for a group of 13 who then followed the Glasha down through its deep gorge as far as Glen Bridge and returned through forest tracks to the car park, finishing the total of 16.5km in 4 hours. Thanks to all who came along and hopefully the rain did not spoil things too much.

B/C walk
David Stapleton'​s B/C walk near Kilsheelan on Sunday January 17th, 2016   3 photos

News, January 24th, 2016

Brendan Sheils' report on his B walk to Lake Muskry and Knockastac​keen
15 out on the walk.We took in Lake Muskry and Knockastakeen. Weather not the best. Thanks to Thos O'Neill and Joe Browne for their assistance.

Mary Ryan's report on her C walk on the Darby's Bed Loop
Todays C Walk was The Darbys Bed Loop on Duntryleague Hill. 24 people met in Galbally village where the weather was dull and overcast. Many thanks to Una, Kathleen and Henrietta for their help and a big welcome to the visitors.

B walk
Brendan Sheils' B walk to Lake Muskry and Knockastac​keen on Sunday January 24th, 2016

C walk
Mary Ryan's C walk on the Darby's Bed Loop on Sunday January 24th, 2016.  2 photos

Glen of Aherlow Winter Walking Festival, 2016

The Winter Walking Festival in the Glen of Aherlow took place over the weekend of Saturday January 30th and Sunday, January 31st, 2016. There were seven walks over the two days on the Galtee Mountains and the Slievenamuck Ridge as well as a bus tour of the significant sites in the Glen on Sunday. Despite the poor weather numbers were only slightly down on last year with a total of 364 people taking part over the two days. All got a real taste of winter walking with snow showers and strong winds on Saturday and rain and poor visibility on Sunday.

Winter Festival
Festival C walk to Lake Curra on Saturday January 30th, 2016. Walk Leader Amelia Ryan. More photos

News, February 7th, 2016

Thanks to Owen Ryan and Margaret Hayes for the walks on Sunday last. Owen's A walk started from Clydagh Bridge and took in the grassy knoll, the Ice Road, Lake Curra, up the gully behind the lake and descending by Slievecushnabinnia to be back in time for the rugby. Margaret's combined B and C walk met in Newport town and climbed to the cold and snow covered summit of Keeper Hill.
There are three club walks on Sunday next. Tomás Ó'Briain's 'A' walk is in the Knockmealdowns and meets at Bay Lough Car Park, The Vee, at 10am. Anne O'Donnell's 'B' walkers will head for Knocknagalty after meeting at Galty Castle Car Park at 10am and Denny O'Dwyer's 'C' group will meet at Combaun Wood Car Park at 11am to walk on the forest tracks beneath Temple Hill.

B/C walk
Margaret Hayes' B/C walk to Keeper Hill on Sunday February 7th, 2016.   3 photos

News, February 14th, 2016

Because of the winter floods the project to walk the entire length of the Beara-Breifne Way was put on hold for a while. Now that things are a bit better the group of dedicated walkers will resume their journey next weekend, returning to Galway to walk between Portumna and the village of Aughrim, the scene of a historic battle in 1691.
Back at home there is only one club walk on Sunday, February 21. Danny Bailey will lead a combined ‘B’ and ‘C’ walk on the eastern end of the Galtees, starting from the former Ballydavid Hostel and meeting at 10:30am.
Thanks to Tomás Ó'Briain, Anne O’Donnell and Denny O’Dwyer for providing the walks on Sunday last.

Tomás Ó'Briain's report on his A walk
The 'A' walk from Bay Loch car park went ahead as scheduled, with a little extra distance thrown in for good measure. The weather was reasonably good and improved as the day went on but it was quite cold. The route was from Bay Loch car park to Doon Falls, approaching from the eastern side between the two branches of the Araglin, a new, cleaner route.  After crossing the Araglin the route was roughly north along the stony path towards Crow Hill car park but leaving the road where it swings west and bearing northwards on 40 degrees for Knockshanahullion cairn and Trig point via the neo-dolmens. There was much more snow from here on up and it became much colder, with reduced visibility. On Knockshanahullion lunch was had in the Bothán before heading due north to descend to the woods towards Clogheen. Moving southeastwards the route went up to the ford in gully between Knockshanahullion and Knocklocha. Turning eastward, it crossed the three streams before heading up onto Knocklocha and back to Bay Loch car park. Due to our small number the walk was extended beyond the original planned route as some of those present had not been in the Knockmealdowns before. Time was 6 hrs 55 minutes, distance 15.92 miles.

Denny O'Dwyer's report on his C walk.
Fifteen of us went to Combaun Wood for a relaxed Valentines C Walk this morning taking in both forestry tracks and skirting across the base of Teampail Hill. The electronic gaget told us it took 2hrs and 50 mins over 11 kilometers, but that included breaks and the 'brekkie part two'. It was a lovely dry crisp morning with some great views of Teampaill capped in snow. Unfortunately the only romance we had were the roses which came from a sweet box.

B walk
Anne O'Donnell'​s B walk to Knocknagal​ty on Sunday February 14th, 2016.   6 photos

C walk
Beneath Temple Hill on Denny O'Dwyer's C walk in Combaun Wood on Sunday February 14th, 2016.

News, February 21st, 2016

There’s a full complement of club walks on Sunday next in three different locations around South Tipperary. The ‘A’ walk is in the Galtees, meeting with Willie Delahunty at Kilcoran Lodge Hotel at 10am. Liam and Shane Doheny’s ‘B’ walk will take place on Slievenamon with the meeting point of Kilcash Village, also at 10am. Back on the Slievenamuck Ridge, Pat Kinane will bring the ‘C’ walkers on a forest track loop, starting from the Rock an Thorabh car park at 11am.
There is also a committee meeting taking place during the week to draw up the schedule of walks for the next few months and these should be available on the website from next weekend.
Well done to the hardy few who continued the Beara-Breifne Way trek last weekend in a water-logged Galway and thanks to Danny Bailey for the only club walk back home on the Ballydavid Loop.

B/C walk
Danny Bailey's B/C walk on the Ballydavid Loop on Sunday February 21st, 2016

Beara-Breifne Way, February 20th and 21st, 2016

Saturday's Report by Rody Tiereney
On Saturday last, February 20, we resumed our Beara Breffni walk. A 9.30 start at the marina in Portumna brought the group along the Hymany way. The track on top of the flood defence embankment stretched along the western side of the mighty river Shannon for about 12k. The debris washed up on this two to three metre high walkway gave us a good idea of the effects of global warming.
About 3k into the walk we came to an ESB building. Here there is a plaque denoting where O’Sullivan Beara landed in his horse hide currach. After another 5 kilometres we arrived at Meelick harbour where we stopped for lunch and were very glad to avail of the shelter in a little shed – courtesy of a local farmer. We proceeded west for another 10k without any difficulty – thanks to the aid of new stiles and precise markings.
The last 2k of our journey was on main road and brought us into Clonfert where stands what is reputed to be the oldest Cathedral in Ireland. A visit here is must to see the beautiful stone work and carvings around the doorway!  Close by is a holy well in the centre of a large yew tree which is adorned with religious artefacts.

Sunday's report by Mike Moroney
Beara Breifne Way Day 17. Sun 21st February 2016
Starting at 9.30am from Clonfert to Aughrum our distance 29Km, height gained 130 Metres, time 6hr. Before leaving Clonfert we visited St. Brendan’s Cathedral with its greatest treasure the Hiberno Romanesque Doorway and its well by a votive tree bearing rags and various objects. Leaving Clonfert it was not long before we were going through farmland, forestry, industrially worked bogs, Grand Canal and traditionally worked bogs. Thrown in with this was a well-deserved tea break with our lunch provided by Mary Lynch of Oak Lodge B&B (087)7924161. We finished in Aughrim with a meal at Valeries Bar & Restaurant (086)2830673. Thanks to all who helped to make this an enjoyable weekend. 

Beara-Breifne Way
Beara-Brei​fne Way on Saturday February 20th and Sunday February 21st, 2016.   3 photos

News, February 28th, 2016

The Beara-Breifne Way walkers are off again next weekend to walk two more sections of the route in Co. Galway. This time they start from the village of Aughrim on Saturday morning and finish on the Roscommon border at Creggs on Sunday evening after an overnight break at Castle Ffrench, covering a total distance of 60 kilometres over the two days.
Back in Tipperary, in preparation for the upcoming Slievenamuck Marathon, Danny Bailey will cover the eastern half of the route towards Bansha Woods with a group of ‘A’ and ‘B’ walkers, meeting at Rock an Thorabh car park at 10am. In Clogheen Vincent Normoyle’s ‘C’ group will meet at 11am to walk a forest track loop on the Knockmealdowns.
The full list of walks for the summer months up to August next are now available on the Walks Schedule page. The list includes the popular Wednesday evening walks, which begin in April and provide a greater choice of walks than ever this year.
Thanks to Willie Delahunty, Liam and Shane Doheny and Pat Kinane for providing the walks on Sunday last.

B walk
Liam and Shane Doheny's B walk to Slievenamon on Sunday February 28th, 2016.   4 photos

C walk
Pat Kinane's C walk on Slievenamu​ck on Sunday February 28th, 2016

News, March 6th, 2016

As the date for the Slievenamuck Marathon approaches the preparation continues next Sunday with another combined ‘A’ and ’B’ walk on half the route, this time covering the western side between Moor Abbey and the meeting point at Rock an Thorabh car park. The walk leader is Rody Tierney and the starting time is 10am. An hour later at 11am and a short distance down the road, Eddie McGrath will lead a ‘C’ walk from Christ the King statue, taking in some forest tracks in the area as well as the Glen of Aherlow Nature Park.
Thanks to Danny Bailey for covering the eastern half of the Marathon route last Sunday and also to Vincent Normoyle for his walk from Clogheen to Bay Lough in the Knockmealdowns. Well done to those who completed two long sections of the Beara-Brei​fne Way over the weekend, travelling from Aughrim to Castle Ffrench & Castle Ffrench to Creggs.
Congratulations to Danny Bailey and Helen Morrissey who featured on the ‘Tipperary County Matters’ programme on Irish TV last weekend. The programme covered the Glen of Aherlow Winter Walking Festival held at the end of January and will be repeated on this Thursday at 11:30pm.

Beara Breifne Way
Beara-Brei​fne Way on Saturday March 5th and Sunday March 6th, 2016. Aughrim to Castle Ffrench & Castle Ffrench to Creggs.  6 photos

A/B walk
Danny Bailey's combined A and B walk on the eastern half of the Marathon route on Sunday March 6th, 2016.

C walk
Vincent Normoyle's C walk at Bay Lough on Sunday March 6th, 2016.

News, March 13th, 2016

One of the major annual events organised by the club, the Slievenamuck Marathon and Half Marathon, takes place on Sunday next, March 20. It is mainly a walking event but some trail runners also take part.  The meeting point is at Rock an Thorabh car park in the Glen of Aherlow, registration is from 8am and the event gets under way at 9am. Full details are on the Marathon Page. The club's resident bard and Marathon organiser, Rody Tierney, has taken to verse to sing the praises of the event.
You can talk about the Olympic Games, Grand Prix or Tour de France,
The Ironman Triathlon or Flatley's River Dance.
You can boast about the Sam McGuire, Cheltenham or World Cup
But the Marathon of Marathons takes place on Slieve na Muck.

Thanks to Rody for the A/B walk on the western half of the Marathon route on Sunday last and thanks to Eddie McGrath for the C walk from Christ the King and for organising the refreshments in Aherlow House Hotel afterwards.

A/B walk
Rody Tierney's Marathon preparatio​n A/B walk on the western half of the route on Sunday March 13th, 2016.

C walk
Eddie McGrath's C walk at Rock an Thorabh on Sunday March 13th, 2016.

Slievenamuck Marathon and Half Marathon, Sunday March 20th, 2016

This the eighth Slievenamuck Marathon was probably the most successful yet with the number of participants exceeding all expectations. The meitheal began at the Rock an Tarbh car park at 6.30 as daylight appeared. The registration tent, the banner and time clock were all put in place in record time.
Competitors all seemed to arrive around the same time and Dara was busy making the best use of the  available parking spaces. The registration team was also put to the test even though a big number had availed of the online system.
At 9am the tape was cut by our very competent minister for finance Anne O’Donnell. The Marathon commenced and continued down past the hotel led by the civil defence sweeper car. We scarcely had time for the much deserved cuppa when the first runners came charging in at the half way check point. From then on it was non stop action all day as the people competing in both the half and full marathon kept arriving at the finish line.
The success of this sporting event has to be attributed to the dedication of our extraordinary and ever willing team.
What a spectacle to see the changing of a tortured face into a broad smile as the ribbon holding the Slievenamuck medal and certificate were presented to each finalist!
Thanks again to all our stewards, civil defence members and especially the good Lord for the weather.   10 photos

You can talk about the Olympic Games, Grand Prix or Tour de France
The Ironman Triathlon or Flatley's River Dance
You can boast about the Sam McGuire, Cheltenham or World Cup
But the Marathon of Marathons takes place on Slieve na Muck.
Rody Tierney

Slievenamuck Marathon
Micheal McSweeney from Ballyvourn​ey Co. Cork, first to finish the 2016 Slievenamu​ck Marathon in a blistering time of 3 hours and 39 minutes.

Slievenamuck Marathon
First lady home in the Slievenamu​ck Marathon 2016, Anita Barry from St Joseph's Athletics Club, Kilkenny.

Slievenamuck Marathon
Rody Tierney congratulates David Toomey (Listowel)​ on his 50th Marathon in a time of 3 hours 44 mins.

Slievenamuck Marathon
Josephine, Amelia, Danny, Mary and Anne at the Marathon base in Rock an Thorabh car park.

News, March 27th, 2016

Club members moved away from the Galtees and Tipperary over the Easter weekend, some travelling to Clare for two days on the Burren and the Cliffs of Moher while another group ventured even farther to walk three more sections of the Beara-Breifne Way in Galway and Roscommon.

This is Deirdre Rafter's report on the Beara-Breifne Way walks.
Easter Weekend saw the Beara Breifne walkers cover a total of 101.6km from Creggs in Co. Roscommon to Ballinafad in Co. Sligo lead by Mike Moroney.
Saturday morning we left Creggs, pausing at a monument erected in 1946 by then Taoiseach Eamon de Valera to commemorate Charles Stewart Parnell, Creggs was the scene of the Irish patriot and Nationalists final speech before his death in 1891. Lunchtime found us in Ballymoe where we were given a warm welcome by the owners of The Grove Bar. Ballymoe was the birthplace of Eamon Ceannt one of the signatories of the proclamation and our walk took us past the old RIC Barracks where he was born in September 1881, his father James Kent was an RIC officer.  Ernie O'Malley author of "Another Man's Wound" and "The Singing Flame" had a narrow escape in Ballymoe during the War of Independance when he had to swim the River Suck to escape after being wounded by an RIC Constable. A plaque marks the spot and the begining of the Ernie O'Malley Walk. Saturday's walk finished in Trien. Sunday took us from Trien through Ballinlough and to the shores of Lough O'Flynn passing the ruins of the old Ballinlough Railway Station on the now disused Athlone to Westport line. Creaton's of Loughglynn provided a warm welcome at lunchtime where the owner JR Creaton told us the story of Sean Bergin from Nenagh who was killed along with Stephen Mc Dermott by the Black and Tans on 19th April 1921, we took a short detour off our planned route to visit the site of the ambush where a memorial has been erected. An afternoon of heavy showers saw a happy but weary group trudge into Ballaghadreen.  Monday brought sunshine as we left Ballaghadreen and made our way towards Ballinafad, passing through Largan windfarm where we had fantastic views of Ben Bulben, Knocknarea and the Sligo coastline. The lunchtime stop was at Drury's of Lough Gara after which we continued on past Moygara Castle both named for the O'Gara Clan who ruled the area from 1285AD, the present ruined castle dates from the 1500's. Our final stop on Monday as we made our way around the foothills of the Curlew Mountains was provided by the lovely Joanna who invited us to use her garden bench for our tea break and even provided us with homemade muffins! Our arrival into Ballinafad brings us to 632km of the Beara Breifne Way covered to date. Thanks to Mike Moroney, Ailin O'Hara who provided the transport for the weekend and Spelman's Guest House in Ballaghadreen.

All walks on Sunday next, April 3, are closer to home. Pat Ryan's 'A' walk is in the Knockmealdowns, starting from Grubb's Monument at 10am. 'B' walkers will visit the Blackrock and Glounreagh valleys in the Galtees under the guidance of Brendan Sheils, meeting in Galtee Castle Car Park at 10am and George Keogh's 'C' group will meet at Christ The King Statue, Aherlow at 11am. The statue in the Glen is also the location for the first of the 7pm Wednesday evening walks which takes place on April 9 with leader, Sadie Ryan.

Cliffs of Moher
Easter Sunday cliff top walk from Liscannor to Doolin along the Cliffs of Moher with the wild Atlantic below. Leaders Breda Ryan, Anne O'Donnell and Pat Ryan. Photo Breda Ryan.
36 photos from both walks in Clare,  Video

Beara Breifne Way
Group on the Beara-Breifne Way over the Easter Weekend.  16 photos

News, April 3rd, 2016

With the arrival of the extra hours of daylight, the Wednesday evening walks are now under way. The first one is on Wednesday, April 6, starting from Christ The King Statue in the Glen of Aherlow at 7pm under the guidance of Sadie Ryan. On April 13 George Keogh starts from Aherlow House Hotel.
On Saturday April 9 the annual Galtee Clean Up will take place, meeting at the former Glen Hotel at 10am. All walking clubs in the area have been asked to help and Galtee club members are encouraged to attend. Bags and litter pickers will be supplied and refreshments will be available afterwards in the Tourist Office to all who participate.
The Sunday walks on April 10 are an ‘A’ walk in the Galtees, meeting at Rossadrehid Waterworks at 10am with Owen Ryan, a ‘B’ walk in Kilcash Wood and Lower Slievenamon, meeting at Kilcash Village at 10am with Mary Moynihan and a forest track ‘C’ walk with Eddie McGrath starting from Clydagh Bridge at 11am.
Thanks to Pat Ryan, Brendan Sheils and George Keogh for providing the walks last weekend.
This is Brendan's report on his B walk.
We took in Cooper's Wood, out onto the Attychraan valley and around to Glounreagh valley before a short break in the forestry, then back to the car park for a leisurely end of walk lunch break.

B walk
Brendan Sheils' B walk in the Attychraan and Glounreagh valleys on Sunday April 3rd, 2016.  6 photos

C walk
George Keogh's C walk from Christ the King statue on Sunday April 3rd, 2016.  3 photos

News, April 10th, 2016

As the spring progresses Galtee club members are hoping for an improvement in the weather for the upcoming Wednesday evening and Sunday walks. The evening walks are now underway and continue with walks from Aherlow House Hotel on April 13 with George Keogh and from Clydagh Bridge with Helen Gleeson on April 20. Both start at 7pm. On Sunday, April 17, Joe Browne’s ‘A’ walk starts from Clydagh Bridge at 10am and Gerry Ryan’s ‘B’ walkers meet at Centra Service Station, Newport, at 9:45am for a climb of Keeper Hill. Best of luck to Margaret Barry who is leading her first walk with the club, taking the ‘C’ walkers to Darragh Hills, meeting at Darragh Bridge at 11am.
Thanks to Owen Ryan, Mary Moynihan and Eddie McGrath for the walks on Sunday last in the worst of weather conditions. Thankfully the weather was better for the litter clean-up in the Glen of Aherlow on Saturday. Thanks to all who took part.

Galtee clean-up
Club members taking part in the clean-up around the Galtees and the Glen of Aherlow on Saturday April 9th, 2016

Full group taking part in the clean-up around the Galtees and the Glen of Aherlow on Saturday April 9th, 2016

Canal walk
Five members of the Galtee Walking Club travelled to Leixlip on Sat 9th April to take part in Aoibheann's Pink Tie Royal Canal Charity Walk. This is the fourth annual walk and the event is going from strenght to strength. The weather was excellent on what was a very relaxing walk along the banks of the Royal Canal.  2 photos

News, April 17th, 2016

A walk
Joe Browne's A walk on the Galtees on Sunday April 16th, 2016.  2 photos

B walk
Gerry Ryan's B walk to Keeper Hill on Sunday April 17th, 2016.
Nine members and three guests soaked up the glorious sunshine and enjoyed a brisk ascent of Keeper hill. They completed the 16km loop in 3.5hrs after a relaxing 15min lunch break at the summit,  taking in the spectacular views of the neighbouring counties and mountain ranges.

C walk
Well done to Margaret Barry leading her first C walk with the Galtee Walking Club on a loop with great variety and great views from Darragh Bridge to Castle Gale and back along the Molanna River on Sunday April 17th, 2016.
4 photos

News, April 24th, 2016

A walk
Ann Donohoe's A walk on the Galtee Horseshoe on Sunday April 24th, 2016.  14 photos
"I had 14 on A walk. Weather conditions were perfect and splendid views. We were entertained on Galtee Mor by Rody Tierney singing one of his own songs. Well done Rody."

B walk
Danny Bailey's B walk on Cush on Sunday April 24th, 2016.  2 photos

C walk
Thos O'Neill's C walk on the Ballydavid Loop on Sunday April 24th, 2016   2 photos

News, May 1st, 2016

On Sunday next, May 8, Mike Moroney’s ‘A’ walk meets in his home village of Lisvernane at 10am. Mike is not revealing in advance what he has planned but whatever his route it’s sure to be enjoyed by all who attend.
The ‘B’ and ‘C’ groups will travel to Co. Laois to explore the Leafy Loop walks around the village of Durrow and along the banks of the Nore. There is a meeting point in the centre of Durrow at 10:30am and also at the Market Yard, Tipperary, an hour earlier at 9:30am for anyone who wants to avail of car pooling.
The evening walk on Wednesday, May 11, is from Rock an Thorabh car park, meeting at 7pm, after which Eddie McGrath will take the group around the forest tracks in that scenic area.
Thanks to Mary Ryan for last Wednesday's walk to Darby's Bed from Galbally and a special thanks to Henry Fraser who entertained the walkers to beautiful tea and sandwiches after the event.

Kerry Camino, May Bank Holiday weekend, 2016

Kerry Camino
A group from the Galtee Walking Club walked the Kerry Camino, a journey of 57km in 2 days over the May Bank Holiday weekend, 2016.  27 photos

News, May 8th, 2016

A walk
Mike Moroney's A walk on the Galtee Horseshoe on Sunday May 8th, 2016.  2 photos
Mike's Report:  "Amazingly with such a bad start to the day it was surprising to see such a large number of groups on the Galty’s, With only two of us for the horseshoe we had a most enjoyable day and the sun shone on us from Galty beg to the end of the walk. You'll never guess who the black sheep was who risked her life with me thanks again."

B walk
Paddy Bourke's B walk on the Leafy Loop in Durrow on Sunday May 8th, 2016. An 18km loop along the banks of the Erkina and Nore rivers and through mature woodland with carpets of bluebells and wild garlic.  7 photos

Dunmore-East Walking Festival, Saturday May 14th, 2016.

Dunmore East Festival
A group from the Galtee Walking Club enjoyed a great day of sunshine, fantastic coastal views and stories of local folklore from the guide, Jim on the cliff-top walk from near Tramore to Dunmore-East as part of the Dunmore-East Walking Festival on Saturday May 14th, 2016.   14 photos

Beara-Breifne Way, Saturday May 14th and Sunday May 15th, 2016.

Report by Deirdre Rafter.
Day 23 of the Beara Breifne Way started at Ballinafad on Saturday 14th May in beautiful sunshine. We were collected at the Leitrim Inn Lodge where the group were based for the weekend by Carrick Taxis & Minibus Hire who provided a fantastic service over the weekend, the driver made an unscheduled stop over looking the site of The Battle of the Curlew Pass which took place on the 15th August 1599 between an English force under Sir Conyers Clifford and a rebel Irish force led by Hugh Roe O'Donnell. The English were ambushed and routed while marching through a pass in the Curlew Mountains, near the town of Boyle, in northwestern Ireland. The English forces suffered heavy casualties. Losses by allied Irish forces were not recorded but were probably minimal. A beautiful modern sculpture of a horse overlooks the pass.  The group of 8 Galtee/Ballyhoura Bears walkers were joined by John O'Sulivan from the Galway Walking Club who arrived at the Leitrim Inn Lodge the night before on his Honda Gold Wing, the Beara Breifne Way is on John's bucket list and hopefully he gets to cover the entire route in the future. We set off on the Miner's Way which follows many of the paths used by the miners going to work in the Arigna Mines, The Miners Way links with the Historical Trail which traverses the Curlew, Bricklieve & Arigna Mountains, passing many features of interest including Carrowkeel megalithic tomb. Carrowkeel is one of the 4 most important passage tomb cemetaries in the country and includes 21 individual passage tombs, they were investigated in 1911 by none other than Robert Lloyd Praeger author of "The way that I went" a fantasic read for anyone that is interested in history and geology. We followed an ancient roadway in the early part of the day coming across evidence of mining and many abandoned villages along the way.  Among the highlights of the day were the Labby Rock / Carrickglass Dolmen which is tucked beneath the Ridge of Moytura our highest point of the day, the Labby Rock is a massive portal dolmen with a capstone weighing an estimated 70 tonnes. Our lunchtime break was taken at Heapstown Crossroads following which we were lucky enough to come across a local vintage car run. After a quick stop in Shivan's of Ballyfarnon we continued on to Kilronan Castle previously called Castle Tennison which was the home of Colonel King Tennison & his wife Anne Gore Booth.  Sunday 15th May Day 24 of the Beara Breifne Way saw the group back at Kilronan Castle with another two regulars joining us, we stopped off at Turlough O'Carolan's grave, O'Carolan was born in Nobber Co. Meath in 1670 where his father was a blacksmith the family moved to Ballyfarnon in Roscommon in 1684 where Turlough was blinded by smallpox at the age of 18. Turlough's talents were recognised by his father's employer a Mrs Mac Dermott Roe who became his patron. The route took us around the shores of Lough Meelagh giving us beautiful views of the castle in the distance as well as several boarded up estate houses and ruins of small labourers cottages as we walked through Knockranny Wood. A brief hydration stop on Sunday saw us at Regan's Bogside Inn where Rody Tierney sang one of his own compositions about a dream a young lad had about being the physio for the Tipperary Camogie team which was very entertaining.  Lunchtime saw us in Ardcarne where we had a lovely rest outside Clancy's Pub, parasols included, we thought we were on the Camino. We finished our day's walk with a quick dinner in Beirne's of Battlebridge, highly recommended, beautiful food and a marvellous campsite to consider if you are thinking of doing the Shannon Blueway. We arrived at the ruins of O'Rourkes Castle which was the final part of the walk for O'Sullivan Beara on 14th January 1604, thankfully the Beara Breifne Way does not stop there, we have another 60km to do before we can say we are finished at Blacklion in Cavan, this is scheduled for the first weekend in July and we will celebrate the finish then.

Beara-Breifne Way
Beara-Brei​fne Way on the weekend of May 14th and 15th, 2016.   8 photos

News, May 15th, 2016

Tom Lyons is taking the ‘A’ walk on Sunday next, May 22, and anyone interested in taking part should contact Tom in advance for details of the meeting point and time. The ‘B’ walkers are travelling to North Tipperary for a linear walk overlooking Lough Derg, taking in Tountinna and the Arra Mountains and meeting with walk leader, Goretti Campbell in Ballina village at 10:30am. Joan Kavanagh’s ‘C’ walk is closer to home, meeting at Bansha Woods car park at 11am for a loop on some of the many forest tracks in the mature woodland.
The evening walk on Wednesday, May 25, meets at Rock an Thorabh car park at 7pm for another 2.5 hour loop under the leadership of Margaret Hayes.
Last Sunday was a beautiful day to be out and we thank Thomas O’Neill, Brendan Sheils and Peig McGrath for providing the walks. Brendan welcomed a group of visiting walkers from the Navan Trekkers in Co. Meath to his walk on Slievenamon.
This is Thos's report on his A walk,
7 A walkers met at Rossadrehid water works on a beautiful sunny May morning. Reaching the gate on Muskery track they proceeded left crossing the stream to ascend Fearbrega then on to Grenane and O'Loughlins Castle where lunch was enjoyed. They then continued to the Gashia steps over Cush picking up the track back to waterworks after walking 16 k in 5 hrs. Thanks to Joe and Pat their help also Proinsias a regular visitor on the Galtee walks.
This is Peig's report on her C walk,
Starting from Knocklofty Rebhab Centre twenty three walkers enjoyed glorious sunshine as we headed for Kilnamack woods. Along the way we stopped to look at some beehives, after lunch the highest point was reached and we had great views of Slievenamon, the Galtees and the Comaraghs. Back down to forest track, and then through the woods down a mountain bike track where we discovered some beautiful BLUEBELLS hidden away,,, Great to see all the newcomers out, hope you all enjoyed your day and that it will be the first of many, Peig.

A walk
Thos O'Neill's A walk on the Galtees taking in Fearbrega Grenane and O'Loughlin​s Castle on Sunday May 15th, 2016.

B walk
Joint walk on Slievenamo​n with the Navan Trekkers on Sunday May 15th, 2016. Leaders Brendan Sheils and Liz Ashton.  4 photos

C walk
Peig McGrath's C walk in Kilnamack Woods on Sunday May 15th, 2016.   5 photos

Wednesday Evening Walk, May 18th, 2016

evening walk
Thos O'Neill's evening walk on the Ballydavid loop on Wednesday May 18th, 2016

News, May 22nd, 2016

Thanks to Tom Lyons, Goretti Campbell and Joan Kavanagh for the club walks on Sunday last, May 22nd.
This is Tom's report on his A walk:
We met in Anglesborough village at 10am. We followed the road out of the village and took the path through Hanley's field on the way to Temple Hill where we met 3 people from Adare returning from their walk. From Temple Hill we descended to Assaroola Glen and then we headed for Lyra Cappul where we stopped for some lunch and admire the beautiful views of Blackrock Valley and an approaching heavy rain shower. We took the same route back home and on our return we met a group from the Bishopstown Walking Club on top of Temple hill during one of their festival walks. It was a day of many weathers thanks to all who turned up to make a very enjoyable day's walking.
Goretti's B walk was along the Lough Derg Way, starting from Garrykennedy and walking over 20km to Ballina along a varied route of tracks, roads and fields as well as climbing over 500 steps to some of the higher points. Views of the lake were a constant feature of the walk as the group crossed the Arra Mountains, taking in the highest point at Tountinna and visiting the historic site of the Graves of the Leinstermen.
This is Joan's report on her C walk in Bansha Woods:
We had 26 walkers out on the C walk in Bansha Woods today. We did a 3 hour loop stopping at the Millenium stone for our break in the sunshine, however we had a thundery hailstone shower just before we finished but it didn't dampen our spirits after an enjoyable walk in the woods.

B walk
Goretti Campbell's B walk along the Lough Derg Way from Garrykenne​dy to Ballina on Sunday May 22nd, 2016.
6 photos   7 photos

C walk
Joan Kavanagh's C walk in Bansha Woods on Sunday May 22nd, 2016.  6 photos

News, May 29th, 2016

B walk
Margaret Hayes' B walk at Lough Curra on Sunday May 29th, 2016.  4 photos

C walk
Mary Ryan's C walk on the Cush Loop on Sunday May 29th, 2016.  7 photos
Mary's report.
We had 16 walkers out on todays C Walk. From Cush Car Park we walked towards Rossadrehid and after our lunch break we headed for the upper Cush Track and back by the style. We had beautiful sunshine and met lots of people on the mountain. We would like to welcome 2 new members and 2 visitors from England.

The Glen of Aherlow Summer Walking Festival, June 4th - 6th, 2016

Festival Brochure     Festival photos     Video of Saturday B walk

Festival B walk
Glen of Aherlow Festival B walk on Saturday June 4th, 2016, to Fearbreaga, Greenane, O'Loughlin's Castle and Knockastackeen.

Aherlow Festival walk
Glen of Aherlow Festival A-B walk on Sunday June 5th, 2016, Galtee Horseshoe.

Fstival C1 walk
Glen of Aherlow Festival C1 walk on Sunday June 5th, 2016, Darby's Bed Loop.

Festival C2 walk
Glen of Aherlow Festival C2 walk on Sunday June 5th, 2016, Moor Abbey to Lisvernane.

Monday walk
Glen of Aherlow Festival A-B walk on Monday June 6th, 2016, Galtymore.

News, June 12th, 2016

The evening walks on Wednesday next are a climb of Temple Hill with Tom Lyons starting from Anglesboro Village and a forest track walk with Mary O'Riordan from Christ the King statu. Both walks start at 7pm
Willie Delahunty’s ‘A’ walk and Anne O’Donnell’s ‘B’ walk both start from Kilcoran Lodge Hotel at 10am on Sunday next and will take place on the eastern end of the Galtee Mountains. The ‘C’ walkers will travel to Doneraile in north Cork to visit the Forest Park there. Meet at the car park in Doneraile at 11am or alternatively there is an earlier meeting point at the Firgrove Hotel in Mitchelstown at 10:30am to avail of carpooling.
The following Tuesday is the Summer Solstice and there are two walks on that day to the summit of  Slieve Reagh near Ballylanders. The first is to see the sunrise, starting at 3:45am and the second is to see the sunset, starting at 8pm. The meeting point is Glenbrohane Church.
On Wednesday, June 22, the Wednesday evening walks continue with a climb of Cush Mountain meeting with Sheila Lenihan at Clydagh Bridge at 7pm or an easier walk through Bansha Woods with Mary Murphy meeting at the Kilshane car park at the same time.

B walk
Liam Doheny's B walk to Knocksheeg​owna and Lake Mohra in the Comeraghs on Sunday June 12, 2016.

Beara-Breifne Way Report

On the weekend of St. Patrick 2014 an epic journey was undertaken by the Galtee Walking Club with our friends from the Ballyhoura Bears Club.  Following in the footsteps of Donal Cam O’Sullivan (The Last Great Chieftain) of Beara, his followers of over a thousand men, women and children including four hundred soldiers, who started out on New Years Eve 1602! Rody Tierney proposed that the Galtee Walking Club undertake this epic adventure at a club meeting in November 2013 which was duly taken on board by the Club committee.  Mike Moroney took on the role of mapping our route and the 12 (twelve) different ways  northwards to Blacklion taking in the counties of Cork, Kerry, Limerick, Tipperary, Offaly, Galway, Roscommon, Sligo, Leitrim, and Cavan.
    On Saturday morning 15th March 2014 at 9:30am, starting from Dursey Pt. members from both the Galtee/Ballyhoura walking clubs (37) set out on a section of the beara way in summer like conditions climbing up onto the hillside overlooking the beautifully rugged  Beara Peninsula Coastline.  Our journey that weekend entailed walking from Dursey Pt. to Castletownbere (Day 1), over rocky terrain to Adrigole(Day2) and on the third day finishing in beautiful Glengariff, we were well and truly on our way. What a Paddies weekend with Ireland clinching the Rugby Championship beating France in Paris.
    Owen Ryan and John McNulty decide to undertake its next three stages together basing ourselves in the beautiful scenic Gaugane Barra, hotel transit providing the accommodation.  We used two vehicles to transport us to and from start/finish points.  We set out from Glengariff onto the rocky hillside overlooking the bay, it was also from this area that O’Sullivan set out on his epic mid-winter trek New Years Eve 1602.  We finished the Beara section and onto the Slieve Muskery way passing through the Kealkill area and through forestry to the glacier scared Gougane Barra with its enchanting lake and church founded by St. Finbarr. 
Day 5 was a marathon day staring out from Gougane Barra through to Ballingeary, Ballyvourney and onto Millstreet.  A meal of chilli con carne was cooked up, 2 pints of Guinness enjoyed and sound asleep in hotel transit by 10pm “well earned”.
Day 6 set out for Millstreet, crossed the river Blackwater and onto the Avondu way following the quiet country roads to New Market where a tree with 12 trunks is known as the 12 apostles.  Onwards to Lismire before linking up with the Ballyhoura way at St. Johns bridge.
The 7th day of our journey took in the complete 95km Ballyhoura way starting at 12:01am at St. Johns bridge North Cork and finished at Limerick Junction West Tipperary twenty two and a half hours later.  Travelling through the villages of Liscarrol, Churchtown over the Ballyhoura mountain range onto Kilfinnan, Galbally entering the beautiful Glen of Aherlow to Christ the King onto Tipperary Town and finally to Limerick Junction “a day to remember”.
For various reasons 18 months had passed before we set out on our journey again travelling from Tipperary Town on the Multeen way to the village of Donohill where O’Sullivan attacked the moate for its precious grain to feed his starving followers.  Onward to Ned of the hill countryside above Hollyford where a monument in the shape of a lighthouse is erected to his memory.  Day 8 was finished in fading light when we entered the village of Upperchurch.
    The next 3 days we travelled on the Ormond way travelling through the villages of Templederry, Toomevera, Cloughjordan, Ballingarry, Lohrra to the banks of the river Shannon at Portumna.  O’ Sullivan crossed the Shannon 3 miles north of Portumna using the hides of approximately 15 horses to construct 2 boats to ferry his followers across the kilometre wide Shannon river unlike us who used the bridge at Portumna.
The Hymnay way follows the bank of the river Shannon turning inland to Clonfert whose cathedral graveyard is the burial place of Brendan the Navigator.  Bogland is the main terrain to the site of the battle of Aughrim(12th July 1691).  Here to O’Sullivan made a stand at Bloody Hollow, although outnumbered 10 to 1 he out manoeuvred and routed the enemy and won the day.  A series of ridges formed during the ice age called the Esker Riada formed part of the trail which finished at Ballygar.
The Suck Valley way includes the villages of Cleggs “where Parnell made his final speech” Glinsk, Ballymoe, Ballinacough and onto Lough Glinn.  This is sheep country where the trail also crosses the bog lands and callous of the river Suck.
The Lung way follows the river Lung Northwards to Ballaghaderreen an area which was home to the first President of Ireland Douglas Hyde in his former years.  The trail is 45km in length and links up with the Miners way/Historical trail north of Boyle on the Curlew mountains where we heard the cuckoo on several occasions.  This route follows some of the paths used by the Miners working out of the old Arigna coal mines. The trail crosses over the Bricklives Mts making a circuit of the lakes Key & Arrow to Kiloran Castle.Lovely Leitrim village arrived  O’Sullivan’s remaining army & followers who now numbered only 35 to the safe haven of O’Rourkes Castle completing their 14 day/night epic journey.  Many thanks to Joesephine Tierney who supplied the champagne and cake which went down a treat, much appreciated.
John & Owen both continued on the 56km Leitrim Way following the canal bank to Drumshambo. The trail overlooks the eastern length of Lough Allen until the route links with the Cavan way at Dowra . The trail was mainly forest track passing St. Hugh’s Well,roadway leading into Cavan Burren Park with it’s hillside Giant’s grave. A newly constructed boardwalk was a promident feature on the landscape.Our epic journey 19 days & 727km arrived in Blacklion where we crossed the bridge to Belcoo which links with the Ulster way (some day god willing) best of luck also to the remainder of the group on their epic journey.

Beara Breifne Way
Beara-Breifne Way on the weekend of May 14th and 15th, 2016.  more photos

News, June 19th, 2016

A/B walk
Anne O'Donnell and Willie Delahunty''s A/B walk from Kilcoran on Sunday June 19, 2016. 2 photos
Anne's Report:  The A & B walk joined forces on Sunday in muggy wet conditions.  We decided to check out Glengarra, newly opened again after the multi million euro water development for Burncourt & the surrounding area.  We were joined by friends from the Kilcoran walking group & the wit & crack kept our spirits up. An enjoyable day was had by all dispite the rain.

C walk
Paddy Bourke's C walk in Doneraile Forest Park on Sunday June 19th, 2016. 10 photos

Summer Solstice Climb

Solstice walk
Twenty seven people climbed Sliabh Riadh at 4am for the Summer Solstice 21st June, 2016. An amazing experience​.

Wednesday Evening Walk, June 22nd, 2016.

Wednesday Evening walk
Wednesday evening climb of Cush on June 22nd, 2016.   3 photos

Galtee Challenge/Crossing, Sunday June 26th, 2016

 The Galtee Walking Club's Challenge (self navigating) and Crossing (guided walk), a 31km traverse of the entire Galtee Mountain range, took place on Sunday June 26th. Photos of the event can be seen on the club's photo gallery and also on the Hillwalking Radio Group's photo gallery.

Group on Galtymore during the Crossing. The highest point on the walk at 919 metres.

Breda Ryan with Danny Mills (right), the first to finish the Challenge at 2;00pm and Tom Egan (left), who came in second at 2:14pm.

Siobhan Hoare, the first woman to finish the Challenge at 2:20pm is presented with her certificate by Breda Ryan.

The leading group on the Challenge at point 597. In the photo are Danny Mills, Tom Egan, Siobhan Hoare, Conor Keane, Ger Condon, Pat Geary, James McNamara, and Johnny Walsh.

Wednesday Evening Walk, June 29th, 2016.

Wednesday Evening walk
Mike Moroney's Wednesday night walk to Knockastak​een (Hill of the Little Stacks or Ridges) on June 29th, 2016.   3 photos

Beara Breifne Way, July 2nd and 3rd, 2016, The Final Destination.

Report by Deirdre Rafter.
The last stage of the Beara Breifne Way was covered on Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd July.
Saturday morning saw the group meeting at Battlebridge just outside Leitrim Village where we started our 25km walk to Dowra, the route brought us along part of Shannon Blueway for a short while before we turned off the canal at Drumleague Lock following mainly small country lanes to the village of Drumshanbo which takes it's name from Droim Sean Bhoth : Ridge of the old huts and is situated on the lower tip of Lough Allen and overlooked by Sliabh an Iarainn, the Iron Mountain. We took a short break in Olivia D's in the village to shelter from the intermittent heavy showers before taking to the road again where we passed by the old famine graveyard where over 500 people were buried during the Great Famine a sobering experience when you consider that this amounted to half the population of the village at the time. A short detour brought us to St Hugh's Well which due to the water's high iron content is orange in colour, the well is not far from Ballinaglera Village where we visited Rynn's Grocers, Public House and Undertakers this little premises would bring you back the years with it's quaint wooden shelves, the old weighing scales still in use, even the old latch on the door. We had a short break here before making our way to Dowra, made famous during the Garda Nangle incident which made national headlines in the early 80's.  We arrived into the village just as the Mart was finishing where one of our walkers, we won't mention any names, got propositioned by a middle aged bachelor whose mother had broken her hip the night before. He got straight to the point outlining how many acres of road frontage he had, how many head of sheep etc.  It was like a scene from a John B Keane play. The outcome of that proposal is still uncertain!
Sunday morning we had much drier weather which made for a beautiful walk, we were taxied back to Dowra to begin our final trek to Blacklion, this section of the Cavan Way is so tranquil, following beautiful little country laneways and paths in places maybe a couple of feet wide bordered by little stone walls and with lovely views of Cuilcagh Mountain similar in shape to Ben Bulben and Knocknarea, Cuilcagh is the highest point at 665 metres in both Cavan and Fermanagh. Water from it's southern slope flows underground until it reaches the magical Shannon Pot a few miles away, the traditional source of the mighty river. Of course we took a short detour off the trail to visit the Shannon Pot and it was well worth the extra steps.
The walk then took us through the Cavan Burren Park with it's amazing views of both Cuilcagh and Lough Mac Nean,  another short detour brought us to Tullygobbin Wedge Tomb known locally as the giant's grave, folklore tells of two young giants, Lag and Lugh, who both fancied a young female giant, in their efforts to impress her they challenged one another to jump over a wide chasm, Lag in a fit of bravado thought he could jump backwards, but he fell to his death and was supposedly buried here beside the chasm now known as the Giant's Leap. Our final few kilometres saw fabulous views of both lower and upper Lough Mac Nean as we made our way downhill into Blacklion, Co. Cavan. Where better to celebrate this fantastic achievment than to dine with Neven Maguire in Mac Nean House Restaurant, where the man himself was only too happy to hear of our adventures over the last 2 years. Thanks to Gerry's Taxi Service Belcoo Co Fermanagh, Blacklion Holiday Homes where we based ourselves over the weekend, to Maureen Browne who arranged the accomodation and transport, to Mike Moroney who lead the walk and got us to our final destination, to everybody who joined us along the way whether it was for a day or two here and there or more, we have had an absolutely amazing experience.

The final stage
Beara-Brei​fne Way on the weekend of July 2nd and 3rd, 2016. The final destination. photos

Mangerton & Stoompa Loop Walk

Sunday 7th of August saw a group of 10 walkers made up of both Galtee and Ballyhoura Bears club members travel to Killarney to tackle Mangerton 838m and Stoompa 705m. The looped walk led by Mike Moroney started at Tooreencormick, the site of a battle fought and won by the local Mc Carthy's over the Anglo Norman Fitzgeralds in 1262. The day started clear with fabulous views of  the Devil's Punchbowl and all of three of the lakes in the Horse's Glen, Lough Garagarry, Lough Mannagh & Lough Erhogh and while the mist came down in the latter part of the day it did not dampen the spirits. The day finished with a lovely meal in the Muckross Park Hotel.


Fei Sheehy Challenge 2016

This fundraising event over three days on the Comeragh, Galty and Knockmealdown Mountains took place on August19th, 20th and 21st. You can read Gerard Sheehy's report on the Challenge here.

Fei Sheehy Challenge

Wednesday Evening Walk, July 31st, 2016

Wednesday evening walk
Sadie Ryan's evening walk on Wednesday August 31st, 2016

Trip to the Dolomites, 2016

A group from the Galtee Walking Club travelled to the Dolomites in northern Italy at the end of August.
More photos   Video

Walking the Pilgrim Paths

Pilgrim Paths walk Galtee Walking Club member Margaret Hayes, Dromkeen, Pallasgreen, Co Limerick is shown here, (4th from the left) while walking St Kevin’s Way, Co Wicklow earlier this year. She completed the final stage of her 120km Irish Pilgrim Journey when she completed the Tochar Phádraig on Aug 27 and thus became the first Limerick person to receive the completion certificate (Teastas Oilithreachta), which was presented to her by Fr Frank Fahy of Ballintubber Abbey. Her name has now been added to the list of Críochnóirí at

Sunday C Walk, September 4th, 2016

c walk
The C walk to Lakes Muskry and Farbreaga on Sunday September 4th, 2016. Leader Margaret Hayes.

Sunday B Walk, September 11th, 2016

B walk
Paddy Bourke's B walk on the Galtees on Sunday September 11th, 2016.

Sunday September 18th, 2016

September 18 2016Peig McGrath's A walk along the River Suir on Sunday September 18th, 2016.
Eleven walkers started in Cashel Town and walked on road untill we reached Camas where we walked along by the River Suir. When we reached Golden Village a break was taken under the shelter of some trees. After lunch it was on to Ballycarron, and mushrooms were picked along the way. From there we headed for the Lady Gregory Bar where a bus awaited us to take us back to Cashel Town, Distance walked twenty six point two Km, a very enjoyable day for us all dispite some rain along the way,,,,,,
4 photos

September 18 2016Mary Moynihan's B walk from Kilcash through the woods and along the base of Slievenamon on Sunday September 18th, 2016. Thanks to Mary and also Marion for providing the refreshments afterwards.

Sunday September 25th, 2016

Sunday September 25th, 2016

Sunday October 2nd, 2016

October 2, 2016

Sunday October 9th, 2016

9 October 2016
Thanks also to Amelia Ryan for her C walk to Lake Curra in the Galtees.

Sunday October 16th, 2016

16 October 2016

16 October 2016 Therese Roche's C walk in Bansha Woods on Sunday October 16th, 2016.

Galtee Walking Club AGM in the Excel Centre, Thursday October 20

The Galtee Walking Club AGM took place in the Excel Centre in Tipperary on Thursday October 20th last. The following officers were elected.
President, Danny Bailey
Chairperson, Amelia Ryan
Vice Chairperson, Owen Ryan
Secretary, Mary Leahy
Treasurer, Anne O'Donnell
Social Secretaries, Mary O'Riordan, Paddy Bourke
PRO, David Stapleton
A walks organisers, Pat Ryan, Rody Tierney, Joe Browne
B walks organisers, Paddy Bourke, George Keogh
C walks organiser, Eddie McGrath
Wednesday Evening walks organiser, Danny Bailey
A sub Committee was also formed to run the Winter Walking Festival, the Slievenamuck Marathon and the Galtee Challenge and Crossing. The Winter Walking Festival will take place over the weekend of January 27th to 29th, 2017.

Sunday October 23rd, 2016

23 October 2016

23 October 2016

Sunday October 30th, 2016

30 October 2016

Sunday November 6th, 2016

6 November 2016 Danny Bailey's A walk from Aherlow House to Bansha Woods on Sunday November 6th, 2016.
7 A walkers met at Aherlow house hotel and made their way through the nature park to Christ the King, from there following the track to Bansha woods and back, a distance of 21 k. The group enjoyed beautiful weather and foliage. Thanks to Danny for leading.

6 November 2016

Sunday November 13th, 2016

13 November 2016
13 November 2016

Sunday November 20th, 2016

20 November 2016 20 November 2016

Sunday November 27th, 2016

27 November 2016 Route, to Lake Diheen and Boreen and back up over Cush.

Sunday December 4th, 2016

4 December 2016 30 people took part in Willie Kavanagh's C walk from Cahir to the Swiss Cottage and along the paths by the River Suir on Sunday December 4th, 2016.

Sunday December 11th, 2016

11 December 2016

Sunday December 18th, 2016

18 December 2016

Monday December 26th, 2016

26 December 2016 Starting from Bansha Woods car park, walking to Aherlow House Hotel and back. 17.5km in 4 hours.

Galtee Walking Club