2020 Walks and Events

Wednesday January 1, 2020

1 January 2020

Sunday January 5, 2020

5 January 2020

Thanks also to Thos O'Neill for his B walk in the same area.
The two groups enjoyed a New Year get-together in the River House in Cahir after the walks.

Sunday January 12, 2020

12 January 2020 12 January 2020

Sunday January 19, 2020

19 January 2020 19 January 2020

Glen of Aherlow Winter Walking Festival 2020

The Glen of Aherlow Winter Walking Festival took place over the weekend of January 25 and 26, 2020. The festival base was Aherlow House Hotel and buses took participants to the walk locations in the area.
The event was organised by Aherlow Failte Society and the walk leaders and stewards were provided by the Galtee Walking Club.
The walk leaders were:   John Lonergan, Tom Lyons, Pat Kinane, Thos O'Neill, Pat Riggs.

Festival Photo Album

Festival Brochure

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Sunday February 2, 2020

2 February 2020 2 February 2020
Members of the Mid Tipp club joined Marian on the tour to places which included Hore Abbey, the Rock of Cashel, St Dominick's Abbey, the Norman Tower House on the main street, the Bishop's Palace, the Church of Ireland Cathedral with its Chapter House and Library, the old town walls and the Roman Catholic Church built in 1795 on the site of an earlier Friary.

Sunday February 16, 2020

16 February 2020

Sunday February 23, 2020

23 February 2020
23 February 2020

Sunday March 1, 2020

1 March 2020 1 March 2020

Sunday March 8, 2020

8 March 2020

Sunday March 15, 2020

15 March 2020

Walks Cancelled during late March, April, May, June and early July

All club walks due to take place from March to July were cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Covid - 19

A poem by Rody Tierney

In the year of twenty twenty this enemy swept the land.
More deadly than Adolf Hitler, the Famine or the Black and Tans.
This invisible silent tyrant, by God he was our foe,
On our weak and oldest generation he struck his deadly blow.

He was conceived and born in China, Coronavirus is his name.
He made his way to Europe and invaded Italy and Spain.
The convoy of coffin lorries on the telly made it known
This enemy has no mercy and combat weapons we have none.

We can not hug our neighbour or shake him by the hand.
Social gatherings are forbidden and there is no Sunday Mass.
The restaurants and pubs are closed, there is an air of doom and gloom.
Over seventies are confined indoors and told they must cocoon.

Our government they did us proud, they met this plague head on.
Our medical people are all on board, each and every one.
The minister asked for a little help, he got over sixty thousand volunteers.
Our well trained and dedicated nurses returned from overseas.

We are a strong united people with spirit, faith and hope.
We will get through this together though our backs are on the ropes.
On this blustery and wet Palm Sunday as I sit and write this poem
I remember friends and Marathons past but today I must and will remain at home.

Wash your hands.

Wednesday July 22, 2020. Club Walks are Back

22 July 2020 22 July 2020

Wednesday July 29, 2020

29 July 2020

Sunday August 2, 2020

2 August 2020 2 August 2020

Wednesday August 5, 2020

5 August 2020

Sunday August 9, 2020

9 August 2020 9 August 2020

Wednesday August 12, 2020

12 August 2020

Sunday August 16, 2020

16 August 2020

Thanks also to George Keogh for his C walk from Christ the King.

Sunday August 23, 2020

23 August 2020 23 August 2020

Wednesday August 26, 2020

26 August 2020

Sunday August 30, 2020

30 August 2020 30 August 2020

Sunday 6 September, 2020

 6 September 2020

Thanks also to Eddie McGrath for his C walk from Clydagh Bridge.

Sunday 13 September, 2020

13 September 2020 13 September 2020

Sunday 20 September, 2020

20 September 2020
See track on Viewranger

20 September 2020

Sunday 27 September, 2020

27 September 2020 27 September 2020

Sunday 4 October, 2020

4 October 2020 4 October 2020

Sunday 11 October, 2020

11 October 2020 11 October 2020 The Limerick Division of the Galtee Walking Club descended on the mystical setting of Lough Gur and it's Heritage Centre today. On arrival we were greeted by the site manager Alice and tour guide Morgan. Conditions were good and we all enjoyed a very informative talk as he delved into the megalithic, neolithic and folklore of the place as we climbed Knockfinnan and Knockadoon. We visited the Heritage centre to purchase copies of the book, 'The Farm By Lough Gur' before we settled down to early afternoon coffee.  Denny O'Dwyer

 11 October 2020

Sunday 18 October, 2020

18 October 2020 18 October 2020 18 October 2020

Cahir Looped Walks

On Sunday November 29th, 2020, Anthony O'Brien and John O'Reilly of Cahir Looped Walks jointly launched an Information Board for Lissava Megalithic Tomb in Scaragh Wood. This structure is almost 6,000 years old and so is worth a visit. Cahir Looped Walks would like to thank Coillte and Cahir Social and Historical Society for their ongoing support for this project and also Dr. Rose Cleary who was responsible for the Board's text and illustration (with the assistance of Sue Bickley). Finally, this project would not have been possible without grant-aid from Tipperary County Council's Community Enhancement Program.

The text on the information board reads as follows:
Lissava Megalithic Tomb is located on the south-facing slope at the east end of the Galty Mountains. The massive capstone (almost 3 metres in extent) resting on an upright stone at an entrance facing towards the south-west and sitting on a hillslope all suggest that the megalith can be identified as a portal tomb. The Neolithic people who built these tombs were the first farmers in Ireland and cultivated the landscape to manage their food supply. These first farmers came from Britain and perhaps mainland Europe and accessed inland areas like Cahir via the river network, such as the River Suir. There is a cluster of portal tombs in Waterford, Kilkenny and Carlow and this one at Lissava is an outlier.
While the site is called a ‘tomb’, it is likely these places were focal points within communities of Neolithic people where rituals, including burial, took place and perhaps the megatith also defined the territory of a community. The tombs were built around 2,900 BC and most continued to be used for several hundred years as places linking communities to their ancestral past and to the spirit world.

Lissava Megalithic Tomb

Sunday 6 December, 2020

6 December 2020 6 December 2020

Sunday 13 December, 2020

13 December 2020 13 December 2020

Thanks to Richard Heffernan for his Co. Tipperary A/B walk on the Galtees from Clydagh Bridge.

Sunday 20 December, 2020

20 December 2020 20 December 2020 20 December 2020

Sunday 27 December, 2020

Denny O'Dwyer's report on his C walk.
Our C walk on Sunday 27th December was to Combaun wood near Anglesboro with a choice of three routes. After weighing up the situation with the forecast for snow and the high volume of other walkers from different clubs in the area we opted for a more shaded secluded route. After our coffee break we veered off our route to view a small waterfall in a secluded Glen south of our track. After our two and a half hour relaxed adventure we just made it back in time to our cars as the snow tried to catch up with us. Other groups on Teampaill Hill weren't so lucky.
Unfortunately we got no photo.

Mountaineering Ireland