Please do not leave money or any valuable items in parked cars at walk meeting points.

Schedule of Walks and Events to May 2021

You must text or call the walk facilitator during the two days before the walk. Just turning up at a walk is not allowed.
The maximum number of people allowed on a walk is 15.
Do not carpool, except with people from your own household.
Maintain the 2 metres distance from others at all times.
Do not share any objects such as sweets, walking poles, water bottles, cameras etc.
Wash your hands before and after the walk.
Walks are for current, paid up members only and no guest walkers can take part. Anyone who would like to walk with us is welcome to join the club and application is now open for the 2020/2021 season.

If you can answer yes to any of the following questions please do not attend the walk.

Date Grade Meeting Point Time Walk Description Facilitator and Advance Booking
16/05/21 B Clydagh Bridge (map) 10am Lake Curra Doreen Hennessy 087 6493391
C Galbally Village (map) 11am Darby's Bed loop Trish O'Brien 087 9746982
23/05/21 B Clydagh Bridge (map) 10am Cush and Galtee Beag Aidan Dilworth 087 7910409
C Bansha Woods car park, Kilshane (map) 11am Bansha Woods Therese Roche 087 7577169
30/05/21 A Nire Valley car park (map) 9:30am Comeragh loop 20+km John Lonergan 086 8691971
B Mountain Road car park, Cahir (map) 10am Eastern Galtees David Stapleton 086 8756487
C Clydagh Bridge (map) 11am Forest tracks Eddie McGrath 087 9711796

More walks will be added later.
Anyone who would like to provide a walk for the followng weeks, please contact Doreen on 087 6493391

Notes for Walk Facilitators
You will need to take bookings for your walk by text during the days before the walk. Please reply to each person to let them know the booking has been received. In the event of more than 15 people booking, you will need to organise a second facilitator who will take a second group on a different route.
Names and phone numbers must be entered by you into the new sign-in sheet as well as tick marks if the walkers have answered no to the three Covid-19 questions and are current club members. If any of these two conditions are not met, the person should not be allowed on the walk. The new sign-in sheet can be downloaded here.
If the walk needs to be split because of more than 15 people you will need a seperate sign-in sheet for each group.
Before the walk remind everyone of the need for social distancing and the other necessary precautions listed above.
After the walk please take a photo of the completed sign-in sheet or sheets and send them to the phone number given at the bottom of the sheet.