Lismore to Aglish

Lismore to Aglish

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34. St. Carthages Cathedral: Monastic site of St.Carthage (631AD) -plundered by Vikings in 9th century and rebuilt in the 12th by Murtagh O'Brien, King of Munster.

35. Round Hill: Wooded hill with motte and bailey built on ruins of ancient lios. Lismore town derives its name from this place – 'Lios Mor' or 'Large Fort'.

36. Reilgin Deaglain: Graveyard and ruin of old church. Reputed birth place of St. Declan.

37. Cappoquin Castle.

38. Norrisland Castle: Ruin - birthplace of Valentine Greatrakes.

39. Tourin House and Castle: Musgrave/Jameson family.

40. Dromana Bridge. Interesting Moorish style gate with onion shaped dome as entrance to Villiers Stuart estate.

41. Affane Castle: site of. Featured in last private battle in Ireland between Earls of Ormond and Desmond in the 16th century.

42. Affane Church: Ruins. Built in 1819 and burial place of members of Valentine Greatrakes' family (1628-1683 ), notable 'man of cures' of his time.

43. Kilmolash Church: Ruined church of St. Molaise, incorporates several styles of architecture. Strategically located to control access near tidal limit of rivers, which were fordable at low water.

44. Castle: site of.

45. Fulacht Fia - ancient cooking place. Three sites.

46. Clogh Castle: site of.

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