The route shown on the maps on these pages was developed in the 1990s and does not correspond with the route as marked today. New maps will be published shortly and will be posted on this site as soon as they become available.

Lismore to Knocknaskagh

The route described by Patrick Power in 'Rian Bó Phadraig'  takes the Bóthar na Naomh and fords the Blackwater south of Cappoquin. This has the advantage of passing the reputed birth place of St. Declan (no 36 on map). It is necessary today to cross the river by the bridge at Cappoquin and follow the route through Affane, Kilmolash and Knocknaskagh.

Features shown on the map.

32. Mill on Blackwater: Lismore Bridge built in 1775.

33. Lismore Castle: Built by Henry II and became seat of bisophric. Sold to Richard Boyle (philosopher/ chemist) in 1602. Lismore Crozier and Book of Lismore found during repairs to castle in 1814 and donated to the National Museum.

34. St. Carthages Cathedral: Monastic site of St.Carthage (631AD) -plundered by Vikings in 9th century and rebuilt in the 12th by Murtagh O'Brien, King of Munster.

35. Round Hill: Wooded hill with motte and bailey built on ruins of ancient lios. Lismore town derives its name from this place –'Lios Mor' or 'Large Fort'.

36. Reilgin Deaglain: Graveyard and ruin of old church. Reputed birth place of St. Declan.

37. Cappoquin Castle.

38. Norrisland Castle: Ruin - birthplace of Valentine Greatrakes.

39. Tourin House and Castle: Musgrave/Jameson family.

40. Dromana Bridge. Interesting Moorish style gate with onion shaped dome as entrance to Villiers Stuart estate.

41. Affane Castle: site of. Featured in last private battle in Ireland between Earls of Ormond and Desmond in the 16th century.

42. Affane Church: Ruins. Built in 1819 and burial place of members of Valentine Greatrakes' family (1628-1683 ), notable 'man of cures' of his time.

43. Kilmolash Church: Ruined church of St. Molaise, incorporates several styles of architecture. Strategically located to control access near tidal limit of rivers, which were fordable at low water.

44. Castle: site of.

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