5 Galtee peaks “A” walk 

Report written by Kevin Finn:

What a wonderful A walk we had today, from Carrigeen mountain taking in Templehill, Lyracappul, Galteemore, Galtee beag, Knockeenatoung, Kings Yard. It began in the dry with calm winds and favourably forecast for a little light rain and wind from around 1 or 2 pm. Pigeonrock River was in full flow, so we went up the east side for about a kilometre where we found a suitable place to cross. Ascending from the valley afforded us spectacular views of Pigeonrock River and Valley.

As we ascended toward Lyracappul, it turned nasty with a vicious cold southern wind and rain, and by the time we got to Galteemore, it was a biting cold gale force and a deluge. We stopped to have a quick bite of lunch in the shelter on the north side of Galty. One person remarked that it was almost too difficult to try to eat such was the cold.

All together we descended Galty to the relative calm of the coll between Galtymore and Beag. With one exception we agreed that discretion was the better part of valour and decided to omit Galtybeag from the route but follow the planned route up Knockeenatoung and then on to King’s Yard. In better spirits by then as the rain had stopped and the wind abated, there was a little surprise shortcut at the end bringing us back directly to the cars at Carrigeen mountain.

A fantastic route planned by Kevin, led mostly by John and swept by Kevin. This 21km, 1,300m walk had a bit of everything, river valleys, open mountain and forest trails. Note to self, get a new gortex coat, cos you’re worth it.

2023 Mar 19th A Walk