About our upcoming events.

Contact if you’d like to lead a walk of any level.

Information for Walkers: We advise you to text or call the walk facilitator in the days before the walk, but if you just turn up you can still take part. If you book a walk and find later that you can’t make it, please let the facilitator know. Guest walkers are welcome for a maximum of 1 walk. Please do not leave money or any valuable items in parked cars at walk meeting points.

Information for Facilitators: You may receive bookings for your walk by text during the days before the walk. Please reply to each person to let them know the booking has been received. The sign-in sheet for walks can be printed from this Link. Please send walk sign in sheet to Pat Boland after every walk and any photos you would like to share.

On the calendar below, click on the event to get further details about the starting point and leader contact phone number.